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Potosi Beer Delivery Truck

Date: July 1968
Description: Delivery truck of the Potosi Brewing Co., highlighting two of its labels: Alpine Lager Beer and Wisconsin Holiday Beer.

Beers of Wisconsin

Date: 2012
Description: A composite of labels of Wisconsin beers.

Blatz Beer Sign at the State Line

Description: Large Blatz Beer sign on top of Gorski's Tower Restaurant at the Wisconsin state line. The sign reads: "Blatz Beer Milwaukee State Line."

Heinie's Beer Bottle Display

Date: 1937
Description: Display of a glass of beer, and a bottle of Heinie's Old Lager Beer bottle, and a bottle of Heinie's Strong Beer. There are cigarettes in an ashtray, flowe...

William Beers

Description: Quarter plate daguerreotype of William Beers, facing foward, wearing dark suit and tie, and chin whiskers.

Beer Cooler at a Tavern

Date: 1936
Description: Wooden crates are piled around a McCormick-Deering 6-can milk cooler used for cooling beer at Mr. Jay Winter's tavern.

Blatz Beer Display

Date: December 03 1940
Description: Blatz beer display at 20th Century Market.

Composite of Beer Labels

Date: 2013
Description: Composite of beer labels in the Wisconsin Historical Images collection.

Beer Distributor

Description: Warehouse of a Milwaukee distributor of beer (Miller, Schlitz, Pabst) and soft drinks. Two men are working with cases of beer on a cart in the background.

Grocery Convention Display

Date: 1933
Description: The Fauerbach Beer display at the Grocery Convention. The display consists of many bottles of beer, beer cases, die cut cardboard displays, cloth bunting a...

Men with Beer Keg

Date: 1910
Description: Six men posed around a beer keg, holding glasses of beer. One man has a deck of cards.

Unloading Barrels of Jax Beer from International truck

Date: November 06 1933
Description: Men unloading barrels of Jax beer in front of the Ball Sandwich Stand in rural Louisiana. Jax beer was made by Jack's Brewing Company.

Beer Delivery

Date: September 03 1955
Description: Miller delivery man carrying a keg of Miller Beer on his shoulder.

Schlitz Beer Sign

Date: 1960
Description: "Schlitz beer sign on Highway 41."

Beer and Sweet Corn

Date: August 24 1968
Description: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kress, dressed in lederhosen, enjoy beer and sweet corn at the Mid-summer Festival.

Phi Epsilon Pi Informal Party Bar

Date: November 22 1930
Description: Bar set up for informal party at Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity house with beer keg and beer advertising on the wall. There is an autographed picture of Rudy Va...

Cottage Community

Date: 1971
Description: A cottage and trailer house community along a river. A Schlitz beer advertising is nailed to a tree and reads, "Move up to Quality / Schlitz / The Beer Tha...

Man Ordering Beer at Civilian Defense Rally

Date: August 15 1942
Description: A man orders a beer from the outdoor bar at a Civil Defense Rally. The banners on the booth read "Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer On Draft" and "Greendale Civilian...

Man with Beer Bottles in Tavern

Date: 1937
Description: A man holds two bottles of beer on top of a cooler. A clock is on the wall with a sign that reads: "No Beer Sold After Midnite." Original caption states: "...

Beer Wagon on Sherman Avenue

Description: Elevated view of a beer wagon pulled by two oxen standing on Sherman Avenue. A delivery man with a keg of beer on his shoulder is standing in the street ne...

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