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Masonic Banquet Menu

Date: 12 27 1899
Description: Front cover and menu pages for a Masonic banquet, with the word "Menu" in gold-colored raised printing and two embossed fishes swimming around a branch of ...

Menu for the Eighth Annual Banquet of the Merchants Association

Date: 06 23 1885
Description: Menu card and satin overlay with the intertwined initials "M" and "A" for the Eighth Annual Banquet of the Merchants Association at Plankinton House. The f...

Banquet to President Porfirio Diaz Menu

Date: 1896
Description: Front cover and interior of banquet menu for Mexican President Porfirio Diaz, to celebrate the construction of a drainage canal between Lake Texcoco and La...

Democratic Organizing Committee Convention Banquet Menu

Date: 1951
Description: Front cover and interior of menu for the convention banquet of the Democratic Organizing Committee. On the cover is a drawing of a donkey kicking its back ...

Menu for 16th Annual Banquet, Wholesale Saddlery Association

Date: 06 16 1904
Description: Front cover and menu listing for the 16th annual banquet of the Wholesale Saddlery Association, with a radiating fleur-de-lis, a grey horse, a saddle super...

Banquet to Dr. John Bascom Menu

Date: 05 07 1901
Description: Front cover and interior pages of a menu for a banquet to Dr. John Bascom, president of the University of Wisconsin, 1874-1887, with gold-colored borders a...

Ancient Order of Hibernians of Michigan Banquet Menu

Date: 08 21 1912
Description: Banquet menu for the Fourteenth Biennial Convention of the Ancient Order of Hibernians of Michigan. On the cover is a Celtic harp adorned with shamrocks, p...

Wisconsin Authors' Club Banquet Menu

Date: 1882
Description: Card menu for the Wisconsin Authors' Club Banquet at Klosterheim. On the top left is a framed landscape of trees overlooking a body of water.

University Stamp Club Second Annual "All-State" Stamp Show and Banquet Menu

Date: 1925
Description: Front cover and menu page for the second annual stamp show and banquet for the University Stamp Club. Includes a 1/2 cent stamp picturing Nathan Hale cance...

Northwestern Amateur Boating Association Banquet Menu

Date: 07 13 1871
Description: Menu printed on taupe silk for a banquet given to the Northwestern Amateur Boating Association by the Milwaukee Boat Club at Newhall House. At the top is a...

Second Reunion of the First Regiment Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers Banquet Menu

Date: 02 22 1872
Description: Menu of the banquet for the second reunion of the First Regiment of Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers. On the cover are ornamented initials and the type is imp...

Menu for Union Iron Works Banquet for Wisconsin Delegates

Date: 11 26 1898
Description: Menu for a "Banquet tendered by the Union Iron Works to the Delegation from the Badger State" given at the Palace Hotel, with an etching of the Battleship ...

Menu for Banquet in Honor of President Theodore Roosevelt

Date: 04 03 1903
Description: Front cover, first page, and menu listing for a banquet given in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt by the Merchants and Manufacturers Association at Pl...

Alpha Iota, of Chi Psi Third Annual Banquet Menu

Date: 11 05 1891
Description: Front cover and menu page of the third annual banquet of the Alpha Iota of Chi Psi fraternity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. On the cover is a por...

Menu for the 7th Annual Banquet of the Merchants Association

Date: 06 05 1884
Description: Die cut elongated octagonal menu for the 7th annual banquet of the Merchants Association at The Plankinton. On the cover is an oval portrait of a deer with...

Dinner Menu for "Buffalo Bill" Cody

Date: 12 02 1885
Description: Fringed red silk overlay cover and gold silk ribbon backed menu page, sewn at top, for a "Complimentary Banquet to Hon. Wm. F. Cody, (Buffalo Bill) by his ...

Wisconsin State Medical Society 29th Annual Session Banquet Menu

Date: 06 02 1875
Description: Front cover and interior of menu for the banquet of the twenty-ninth annual session of the Wisconsin State Medical Society at the Park Hotel. On the cover ...

Ninth International Congress Banquet Menu

Date: 09 1887
Description: Interior menu pages of the Ninth International Medical Congress, with a woman in a head wrap and skirt decorated with stars pouring liquid from a jug into ...

Menu for Army Reunion Banquet

Date: 12 16 1868
Description: Exterior and interior menu listing for an Army Reunion Banquet held at the Chamber of Commerce in Chicago. On the cover is a gold shield with a silver star...

Menu for Milwaukee's Welcome to H.R.H. Prince Henry

Date: 03 04 1902
Description: Souvenir menu from the banquet in honor of H.R.H. Prince Henry of Prussia given by the citizens of Milwaukee at the Hotel Pfister. On the cover is a waterc...

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