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About Land Economic Inventory Maps of Wisconsin (Bordner Survey)

See original maps from this Depression-era project that documented Wisconsin's land resources between 1929 and 1949.
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About Land Ownership Maps and Atlases of Wisconsin

These maps identify local landowners within each Wisconsin county and provide information about cultural and topographical features.
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American Indian Language Materials

Follow online links to rare American Indian language primary documents, including early dictionaries, textbooks, spelling books and firsthand accounts.
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About Our Maps in Books

Digitally Reproduced Maps of Wisconsin and American History
Features hundreds of digitally reproduced maps from rare books, manuscripts, magazines and journals covering all aspects of Wisconsin and American History.
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About the George S. Parker Map Collection

Exquisite examples of significant maps related to New France and French Great Lakes exploration, early maps of Florida and Mexico, later maps of Wisconsin.
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About Reference Maps of Wisconsin

Access approximately 200 modern maps of basic cultural and geographical data about Wisconsin and its history. Perfect for teachers, students.
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About Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Wisconsin Communities

Original, meticulously detailed street-level maps for 325 Wisconsin communities, 1883-1930, originally used to determine a property's fire hazard.
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About Surveyors' Notes and Plat Maps of Wisconsin

U.S. General Land Office Surveyors' Field Notes and Plat Maps
Hand-drawn township plat maps and surveyors field notes about tree cover, soils, streams, rock outcroppings, villages, trails and roads from 1833-1866.
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About the Senator William Proxmire Collections

The richest resource about Sen. William Proxmire's life and times. Unpublished papers fill over 200 boxes, more than 7,500 pages are available online.
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About Our Maps and Atlases

Explore our physical and digital collections of more than 25,000 maps and atlases, which focus on Wisconsin, the Midwest, the U.S. and Canada.
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About the McCormick-International Harvester Collection

Learn how to access and explore the McCormick-International Harvester Collection.
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About the Wisconsin Magazine of History Archives

More than 2,000 feature articles totaling more than 30,000 pages are online.
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About Our Civil War Collections

Explore our physical and online collections of Civil War materials including Wisconsin regimental histories, maps, casualty lists, lettters and more.
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About Our Wisconsin Local History and Biography Articles Collection

Search this digital collection of 16,000 historical newspaper articles on notable Wisconsin people and communities.
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About Our Wisconsin Name Index

Use the Wisconsin Name Index to browse obituaries, newspaper clippings and biographical book excerpts.
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About Visual Materials and Films in Our Collections

Explore our Visual Materials collection of nearly 3 million images in more than 6,000 collections. Over 80,000 images are available online.
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Visual Materials Subject Overview

Learn about the wide range of visual materials subjects available to view both online and in our Archives
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About the Freedom Summer Project Manuscripts

The Society owns one of the nation's richest collections of Civil Rights movement records, including more than 100 manuscript collections on Freedom Summer
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About the Wisconsin Historical Museum Collections

The Society’s museum collections include 110,000 historical objects and about 500,000 archaeological items that document the history of Wisconsin.

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