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Freedom School Class

Date: 1964
Description: A group of African American students participating in a Freedom School class outdoors during Freedom Summer. The class, which was held on Tougaloo College ...

Vince Lombardi at the Pro Football Writers Dinner

Date: 02 10 1969
Description: Green Bay Packers football coach, Vince Lombardi, being interviewed at the professional football writers dinner.

Father James Groppi at NAACP March

Date: 1968
Description: Father James Groppi (1931-) and social activists at NAACP March, marching east up Wisconsin Avenue.

Father Groppi and Demonstrators

Date: 1968
Description: Father James Groppi (1930-) and school desegregation demonstrators marching in. Milwaukee holding signs that read "Stop School Segregation"

Dickey Chapelle in Vietnam

Date: 11 1964
Description: Dickey Chapelle on the Don Phuc command post, in front of a stack of sandbags, on the Vietnam-Cambodia frontier. Chapelle resided at this post for 34 days,...

Beer and Sweet Corn

Date: 08 24 1968
Description: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kress, dressed in lederhosen, enjoy beer and sweet corn at the Mid-summer Festival.

Lemonade Stand

Date: 07 1967
Description: Several young boys selling fruit drinks, penny candy, and snow cones to parched pedestrians. A city bus is in the background.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Date: 09 13 1984
Description: People working and shopping at a neighborhood garage sale in the Walker's Square Park area. Several neighborhood groups collaborated to sponsor the annual ...

Card Players

Date: 03 20 1965
Description: Several men engaged in a serious card game at the Milwaukee Municipal Social Center, one of several centers devoted to social and recreational programs for...

Livestock Auction at the Mall

Date: 02 12 1984
Description: A man shows his cow in front of Penneys during an auction held at the Mid-Cities Mall.

Prison Cook Preparing Food

Date: 03 26 1968
Description: Slightly elevated view of prison cooks preparing dinner for inmates.

Motorcycle Police on Harley-Davidsons

Description: World War II Harley-Davidson Army Models mounted by ever-alert Military Police, wearing uniforms and armed with guns.

Salmon Fishing

Date: 10 07 1977
Description: Man and woman napping on the rocks with their hats down over their eyes as they fish for salmon.

Harvesting Cranberries

Date: 10 1977
Description: Man harvesting cranberries on water.

Vernon County in Winter

Date: 02 20 1985
Description: View looking downhill towards a young person walking across a road near snowy fields and hills in Vernon County.

Bert Williams

Date: 1921
Description: White Studio portrait of vaudevillian Bert Williams.

Sit-in at Lunch Counter

Date: 05 28 1963
Description: Civil rights sit-in at Woolworth's lunch counter. Seated at the counter from left to right are by John Salter, Joan Trumpauer, and Anne Moody. People pour ...

Mary MacLaren

Date: 1916
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Mary MacLaren young star of "Bluebird Photoplays."

Battling Butler Lobby Display

Date: 1926
Description: A boxing ring lobby display at the Empire Theatre for Battling Butler with Buster Keaton. The lobby cards read, "It's a knockout. Buster Keaton in '...

Scene Still from The Jazz Singer

Date: 1927
Description: A still from the film The Jazz Singer showing Eugenie Besserer, Al Jolson, and Warner Oland (Warner 1927).

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