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General Labor Strike at Allis Reliance Works

Date: May 04 1886
Description: Edward P. Allis Reliance Works under the protection of the Wisconsin State Militia during the first general labor strike. The strike is also known as the...

Milk Strike

Date: January 10 1934
Description: Milk strikers and a pile of empty milk cans next to railroad tracks. Bill Nemeth (left) is pouring out milk in an attempt to create a shortage that would r...

Picket Line at Milwaukee City Hall

Date: September 23 1946
Description: Public Workers Strike - Milwaukee members of the United Public Workers, tiring of a series of stalls on their legitimate wage demands, take to the street a...

Steelworkers Support Striking Members

Date: April 1946
Description: Del Krause, president of Local 1114, United Steelworkers of America (second from left) smiles as he and Ken Gorman, vice-president of the local, hand $800...

Allis-Chalmers Strikers

Date: October 28 1946
Description: Striking members of Local 248, United Automobile Workers, discuss strategy outside the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company plant.

Police Arresting Allis-Chalmers Striker

Date: December 04 1946
Description: Police arresting an Allis-Chalmers striker.

Allis Chalmers Strike Parade

Date: December 07 1946
Description: Striking Allis Chalmbers workers and CIO supporters on parade in 1946. In later years it was common suggested that the Communist-dominated Milwaukee CIO h...

Strike Vote, Nordberg Manufacturing Company

Date: April 22 1948
Description: Strike vote, Local 1173, United Steelworkers of America (Nordberg Manufacturing Company). Members of the Nordberg Steel Co., Local 1173, took a strike v...

Henry Wallace for President Demonstration

Date: August 12 1948
Description: One of the many demonstrations organized by the People's Progressive Party in Milwaukee to fight the ever-rising cost of living. The campaign includes the...

Picketers in Favor of Continued Price Controls

Date: July 19 1946
Description: Young demonstrators at the CIO's "Don't Buy a Depression" rally.

Strike Vote, Louis Allis Co.

Date: April 1946
Description: Members of Local 1131, United Electrical Workers (Louis Allis Company) cast votes for a strike.

Packinghouse Workers Picket Line

Date: March 22 1948
Description: Members of Local 50, United Packinghouse Workers of America and their families walking the picket line.

"Picket Duty - Everyone's Job" Even the youngste...


Dairy Cooperative Supports Packinghouse Workers Strike

Date: March 22 1948
Description: A driver for Dairy Distributors, Inc. cooperative of Watertown, Wisconsin delivering milk to strikers' soup kitchen.

"Several dairies have volunteered to...


Stocking the Strike Kitchen of Local 50, United Packinghouse Workers

Date: March 22 1948
Description: Workers stocking the strike kitchen of Local 50, United Packinghouse Workers of America (Plankinton Packing Company). Left to right: Fred Koratko, Corneli...

Band Playing at Allis-Chalmers Strike Picnic

Date: 1946
Description: "The Harmonians" performing at a picnic to raise money for striking Allis-Chalmers workers.

Packinghouse Workers Strike Kitchen

Date: March 22 1948
Description: Strike kitchen of Local 50, United Packinghouse Workers of America (Plankinton Packing Company). Left to right: Al Herold (chef), Ernie Bernie, Jimmy Glov...

TWUA Strike Meeting

Date: June 13 1954
Description: TWUA officials are shown seated at a table during a strike meeting with picket signs in front of the table. From left to right are business manager Charles...

Northwest Airlines Pickets

Date: July 09 1970
Description: Picket line of striking Northwest Airlines ticket agents and office workers who were represented by the Brotherhood of Railway and Airline Clerks.

Help My Daddy Win

Description: Kensell Willingham, son of a worker out for eight months on strike against O'Sullivan Rubber Company, holds a sign that reads "Help My Daddy Win". Caption...


Date: February 20 1963
Description: Union members of Local 317 in Milwaukee strike outside the Electric Co.'s N. Edison Street plant. It was a very cold night.

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