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Victor Berger Campaign Poster

Date: 1918
Description: Campaign poster for Victor Berger (1860-1929), U.S. Senatorial campaign. This large poster documents Berger's campaign for United States Senate in a spec...

Victor Berger

Description: Arm in arm, Socialist Victor Berger and colleague Robert Hunter take a stroll in downtown Milwaukee.

Socialist Party Delegates

Date: May 1904
Description: Group portrait of the delegates to the First National Convention of the Socialist Party of the United States.

Stop Next War Now Poster

Description: Campaign poster for the Socialist ticket touting Eugene V. Debs for president.

Adolf Germer

Description: Adolf Germer seated in his office with posters for socialist candidates on the wall behind him.

Socialism And The War Poster

Date: 1917
Description: Poster publicizing a speech on Socialism by Emil Seidel, former mayor of Milwaukee.

Railroads And Coal Mines Poster

Date: 1922
Description: Poster encouraging voters toward the Socialist ticket regarding government ownership of railroads and coal mines.

Tyomies Publishing Company

Date: August 1947
Description: Exterior view of the Tyomies Publishing Company building. The 6th Street Cafe is visible next door.

Victor Berger and Emil Seidel

Description: Three-quarter length formal studio portrait of Victor Berger and Emil Seidel.

Jenness & Pulley Campaign Poster

Date: October 1971
Description: Poster advocating Jenness and Pulley as Socialist party candidates for the White House, in the 1972 presidential elections. Features photograph of former S...

Vandalized Victor Berger Campaign Poster

Date: 1915
Description: Campaign poster for Victor Berger (1860-1929), U.S. Senatorial campaign. The poster was used by Berger, Socialist candidate for the U.S. Senate in the camp...

Young Socialist Alliance Convention

Date: December 15 1970
Description: Poster advertising a Young Socialist Alliance convention in New York. Topics such as "international report, anti-war, black struggle, women's liberation, a...

Emil Seidel

Description: Quarter-length portrait of Emil Seidel, first Socialist mayor of Milwaukee.

Fritz Anneke

Description: Ninth plate tintype/ferrotype portrait of Fritz Anneke sitting in a chair. Fritz Anneke was a German socialist and newspaper editor and writer. He immigrat...

Anna Mae Davis

Date: 1932
Description: Anna Mae Davis, a Madison attorney, economist, and perennial candidate for attorney general on the Wisconsin Socialist Party ticket. This portrait is from...

George Nelson and Anna Mae Davis

Date: October 02 1934
Description: George A. Nelson, the Socialist candidate for governor of Wisconsin in the 1934 election, is seated with Anna Mae Davis, a Madison attorney and a local lea...

Socialist Members of the Wisconsin Legislature Leaving the Capitol

Date: 1919
Description: Socialist members of the Wisconsin Legislature leaving the Wisconsin State Capitol at noon.

Milwaukee Socialist Editors at the Brisbane Hall

Date: 1931
Description: Milwaukee Socialist editors at the Brisbane Hall. Left to right: Heinrich, Frederic Heath, Emil Seidel, John M. Work.

Victor L. Berger and Frederick Heath

Date: 1892
Description: Victor L. Berger and Frederick Heath in Berger's room on Reed Street near Greenfield Avenue. Victor Berger was a founding member of the Socialist Party of...

"Metcalf for Governor" Truck

Date: 1912
Description: "Metcalf for Governor" is painted on a truck for the campaign. Other phrases: "Vote Socialist For Your Children's Sake," "Vote Socialist Save Civilization,...

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