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General Labor Strike at Allis Reliance Works

Date: May 04 1886
Description: Edward P. Allis Reliance Works under the protection of the Wisconsin State Militia during the first general labor strike. The strike is also known as the...

Scene of the Riot

Date: May 10 1849
Description: Illustration of the "terrific and fatal" riot at the New York Astor Place Opera House.

Freedom Fighters

Date: November 1956
Description: A UPI photograph depicting Hungarian "Freedom Fighter" on the streets of Budapest during the Hungarian popular revolt against Soviet occupation. Note the...

Russell Jones with Group of Journalists

Date: November 1956
Description: Russell Jones, facing camera wearing a light trench coat, standing with a group of journalists on a street corner during the fighting in Budapest, Hungary....

Haymarket Square Rally

Date: May 04 1886
Description: Photograph of an artistic rendering of a rally held at Haymarket Square on May 4, 1886, before the explosion of the bomb. Haymarket Square is at the Inters...

Bomb Explodes at Haymarket Square Rally

Date: May 04 1886
Description: A photograph of a painting depicting the bomb exploding at police as they approach the wagon to tell the crowd to disperse from Haymarket Square. Shrapnel...

Police Firing on Crowd Near McCormick Reaper Works

Date: May 03 1886
Description: Photograph of a painting depicting police in a horse-drawn wagon firing into a crowd of striking workers near the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company fact...

Haymarket Square Riot

Date: May 04 1886
Description: Photograph of a painting depicting a confrontation between police and protesters at the Haymarket in Chicago. Smoke from an explosion drifts in the backgro...

Haymarket Square Riot Infirmary

Date: May 04 1886
Description: A photograph of a painting depicting the wounded being treated at Desplaines Street police station after the Haymarket Square riot. The riot started as a r...

Twenty Men Involved in Haymarket Square

Date: 1886
Description: Portraits of twenty men involved in the Haymarket Square Riot and aftermath [left to right, top line]: Geo. Ingram, Attorney; Julius S. Grinnell, State's...

Man Next to Green Valley Dairy Sign

Date: 1937
Description: A young man in overalls standing next to a Green Valley Dairy sign. Scene from the Lumberton textile workers strike.

Dow Riot Protest Poster

Date: October 1967
Description: Poster with a large image of the Dow Riot (Oct. 18, 1967) on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, showing riot police beating protesters. Includes t...

Labor Violence in Iowa

Date: May 21 1948
Description: National Guardsmen stand guard outside the headquarters of Local 46 of the United Packinghouse Workers of America after the shooting of a striker at the Ra...

Police and CIO Clash

Date: March 25 1941
Description: Police officer and marchers from a Congress of Industrial Organizations (also known as the Committee of Industrial Organization) union clash outside Intern...

Addressing Mifflin Street Crowd

Date: May 05 1969
Description: A man is speaking through a megaphone to a large crowd from the steps of the Mifflin Street Co-op, 32 North Bassett Street. Possibly Attorney Melvin Greenb...
Historical Object

Manchester Massacre Handkerchief

Date: 1819
Description: A commemorative handkerchief created by a wood engraving on white cotton fabric. The scene is the Manchester Reform Meeting, in England. A crowd of demonst...

Milwaukee Bank Riot

Date: 1897
Description: Drawing depicting the Milwaukee Bank Riot of June 24, 1861. A large crowd is gathered outside the State Bank and Mitchell's Bank. A fire burns in the stree...
Book or Pamphlet

"Riot in Cell Block 11" Italian Program

Description: A color program for the film "Riot in Cell Block 11" in Italian (Rivolta al Blocco 11). The cover shows two men attacking another man. An oversized image o...
Book or Pamphlet

The Pinkerton Labor Spy

Date: 1907
Description: Cover of the book The Pinkerton Labor Spy by Morris Friedman. The book was a work of non-fiction detailing the use of spies during labor disputes b...

Victim of East St. Louis Riots

Date: July 04 1917
Description: A group of white men are posing along a pile of cinder blocks. In front of the blocks, and partially obscured by shadows, is the body of a black man. Capti...

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