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Children at Play in Chicago Alley

Date: July 1923
Description: Children at play in a dirt alley on Chicago's west side.

Impoverished African American Children

Date: February 25 1915
Description: Five impoverished and disheveled-looking African American children sitting on the ground near their home. Original caption reads: "These five little Negro...

Boy Pushing Baby Carriage along Street

Description: Dirty and disheveled boy with no shoes standing in the street with a baby carriage.

Young Children Play in Squalid Alley

Date: 1925
Description: Three young children playing with a wagon in a squalid alley between rows of impoverished houses. Trash and rubble litter the alley.

Group Portrait of African Americans in front of Building

Date: February 17 1915
Description: Group portrait of African American children and adults posing in front of a run-down building with a stone chimney — possibly a rural school house.

Family Night Watching the Tube

Date: September 30 1967
Description: A woman sits with her ten children surrounding her and watches TV.

James M. LaValle

Date: June 10 1935
Description: James M. LaValle, Winona, Minn., posing next to a passenger car. Mr. LaValle had the most seniority in the Madison Division of the Chicago and Northwestern...

Mexican Migrant Workers

Date: July 15 1948
Description: A Mexican woman and her six children are standing on the porch of the multiple-family housing provided to them by the pea cannery for which their husband a...

Empty Stocking Club Workers Arranging Toys

Date: December 18 1952
Description: Empty Stocking Club workers, Sgt. Earl Nevin and Mrs. Alice Shores (holding a musical duck). Other workers behind them are Bill Doudna, Mrs. Lucille Knoche...

For Food... For Freedom

Description: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee poster showing a close-up of a child with a dirty face.

Children and a Cart

Date: June 02 1894
Description: A group of children pose with a small cart.

Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan in The Kid.

Date: 1921
Description: The tramp (played by Charlie Chaplin) and the kid (Jackie Coogan) peer around a wall with the police officer (Tom Wilson) standing behind them, from The...

Children in Squalor

Date: March 22 1912
Description: Two young girls standing with their arms around each other in the debris-strewn yard of a run-down home. The original caption identifies the location as th...

Jewish Ghetto in Poland

Date: October 1940
Description: A street scene in the Jewish ghetto in Szydlowiec, Poland. In his scrapbook, journalist Alvin Steinkopf, who took the picture, noted that conditions were f...

Central Wisconsin Labor Camp

Date: 1967
Description: A central Wisconsin labor camp consisting of a row of wooden framed building with asphalt siding which housed migrant laborers. At the center, three childr...

Child Worker Bearing Grapefruit

Date: 1969
Description: A child worker wearing a short sleeve plaid shirt, dark pants and no shoes is carrying grapefruit from a Texas grove on his shoulder. He is looking into th...

Boy Strikes Against Libby, McNeill & Libby, Inc.

Date: 1967
Description: A nine-year old Jamaican boy wearing a backwards cap, plaid jacket, jeans, and sneakers. He is holding two buckets and is looking at the camera. He is join...

Texas Migrant Family

Date: 1967
Description: A family from Texas temporarily settles in Waushara County. Their white truck is parked in front of a grassy area and wooden house. The father is standing...

Girl with Baby Carriage

Date: 1918
Description: A girl is standing in the street near the curb with a baby carriage. She is wearing a dress and shoes. A woman and two children are standing on the sidewal...

Arville Schaleben

Date: 1970
Description: Arville Schaleben, of the Milwaukee Journal, in Alaska.

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