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Snow Removal after a Storm

Date: 02 1933
Description: Winter scene showing snow removal vehicles working to clear the snow on Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee after a winter blizzard.

Snow Scene

Date: 03 09 1936
Description: Slightly elevated winter scene with a large group of people digging a car out of the snow with shovels. The car can barely be seen in the center of the cro...

Clearing a Path with a Snowblower

Date: 01 12 1963
Description: Winter scene with teenage boy snow blowing the driveway of a house. His letter jacket has "64" on the sleeve. He is also wearing a stocking cap with pom-po...

Snow Plow

Date: 1936
Description: Winter scene with man driving a Model RD-8 La Plant-Choate V-Plow Snow Plow with side extension blades from the front. In the background are power poles.

Gas Powered Shovel Clearing Snow

Date: 1936
Description: Winter scene with a gas powered shovel being used to move snow from a snow-covered road. A man is standing in the road to the right, watching. The shovel i...

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