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Victorian Era Postcard

Date: November 17 1909
Description: Postcard depicting men and women office workers taking a break in a celebratory mode. The original caption reads at the bottom "We are taking a day off."

Japanese Businessmen

Date: April 11 1968
Description: Japanese businessmen visit an American manufacturing firm in South Milwaukee and pose inside a huge metal implement. The American firm is Bucyrus-Erie and...

Stock Exchange Display

Date: April 28 1968
Description: A group of businessmen and customers watch a board that displays the stock amounts of the American Stock Exchange in a board room.

Office Baby

Date: May 19 1965
Description: Mother brings baby to secretarial job.

Season Ticket Sorting

Date: September 25 1956
Description: A man and two women with piles of paper tickets being sorted for the upcoming theater season at the Fred Miller theater.

Woman at Work

Date: March 24 1969
Description: Young woman at work designing a magazine cover.

Switchboard Operator

Date: January 23 1958
Description: Female telephone switchboard operator at work.


Date: October 22 1957
Description: Female telephone operators busy at work.

Kurtis Froedtert

Date: 1915
Description: View of a man sitting behind a desk in a richly decorated office. He is holding a pipe and a Froedtert Service market report. Kurtis Froedtert was head of...

Jacobsen Manufacturing Co. Stockholders' Meeting

Date: December 18 1968
Description: A group of men in suits are sitting on folding chairs, looking off-camera. One man is taking notes. Some of the men have briefcases next to their chairs. C...

Reedsburg Mill Independence

Date: April 1954
Description: Several men are standing and sitting around a desk, where one man is signing a document. A calendar for the Norris Wholesale Corporation is on the wall beh...

Great for Business

Date: October 09 1965
Description: Three men are putting up a billboard sign. Two of the men are wearing suits and the third is wearing an overcoat. Caption reads: "A billboard promoting Mil...

"Soft" Water Meeting

Date: January 23 1968
Description: A man sitting in an inner tube and wearing swim trunks and a boater hat is using a cane to point to a document, which he is showing to a woman standing in...

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