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Two Lumbermen with Saw

Date: 1880
Description: Two lumbermen posing with a two-man crosscut saw they are using on a fallen tree trunk, cutting the pine into manageable sizes for hauling.

White River Bridges

Date: 1910
Description: View from shoreline of a railroad train crossing a bridge over the famous White River near Ashland. In the foreground is an open automobile crossing the ri...

McCormick Reaper in Israel

Date: 1914
Description: Children looking at a McCormick reaper parked on the side of a road in what is now Israel. The caption reads: "Jewish Colony Milharuiyeh - 6 miles south o...

View across Water towards Town

Date: 1890
Description: Field and trees and water are in the foreground. On the far shoreline are buildings in the town.

South Madison

Date: 1909
Description: View from the University of Wisconsin service building smokestack of south Madison, including Mills Street, Mound Street, and the Greenbush. Lake Monona is...

Immigrants at Ellis Island

Date: 1900
Description: A group of immigrants, both children and adults, who have just arrived at Ellis Island.

Holy Innocents Protestant Episcopal Church

Date: 1939
Description: Holy Innocents Protestant Episcopal Church "at the northeast corner of the intersection of Highway 16 with a road which goes north and south from Delafield...

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Date: 1907
Description: Elevated view looking northeast from the chimney of the Power Plant on University Avenue. The Chemistry Building is in the foreground, and Bascom Hall and...

Arabut Ludlow Memorial Library

Date: 1905
Description: Interior view of the Arabut Ludlow Memorial Library. The library opened in 1905 and was funded with a $13,930 donation from H.E. & W. Ludlow. This image is...

Farm Dangers

Date: August 1927
Description: A farmer is standing on the edge of a wooden wagon pitching hay into a running thresher, demonstrating an unsafe operating position.

The First House in Kennedy

Date: 1908
Description: Group posed in front of the first house built in Kennedy.

End-Gate Lime Spreader

Date: October 16 1925
Description: Rear view of two men with a horse-drawn end-gate lime spreader working in a field.

Engine No. 931

Description: View down railroad tracks towards engineer Louis Peterson standing in the gangway next to Engine No. 931. Another man is standing on the tracks near one of...

Dombar and Frank Lloyd Wright

Description: Bennie Dombar standing next to Frank Lloyd Wright, who is working at a drafting table. Trusses are overhead.

Eau Claire Deer Hunters

Date: 1885
Description: Six deer hunters are posing with their rifles, dogs, and nine killed deer hanging from a buck pole supported by log structures on the left and right.

Group of Children on Trout Lake

Description: Group of children wearing ice skates standing together on Trout Lake.

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