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Stockman Inn

Description: Stockman Inn, built in 1837 by Charles B. Stockman.

Everett Martin Farmhouse

Date: 1948
Description: Everett Martin farmhouse.

First House in Waukesha

Date: 1910
Description: The first house in Waukesha County, built in 1836.

Camp Home

Date: 1890
Description: Camp home, residence of Dan L. Camp, writer and historian. Three people are standing on and near the porch.

Electric Wires and Railroad Tracks

Date: March 1928
Description: Power lines along both sides of railroad tracks running through a rural area.
Map or Atlas

Prairie Potawatomi Legends of the Mukwonago Lakes

Date: November 14 1942
Description: This pictorial map illustrates Potawatomi Indian legends from the region of Lower Phantom Lake, labeled Howitt Lake on the map, Phantom Lake, and Mukwonag...

Cobblestone House

Date: 1884
Description: Exterior of a cobblestone house with women and children in the yard.

Waukesha County Dragging Operation

Date: January 05 1955
Description: Elevated view of two people breaking ice with an ax and an ice breaking pole [a gaff?]; other people in the background are standing in a boat pushing poles...

Technicolor Dreamcoat

Date: July 14 1989
Description: Ten people posing on stage, in costume. On the curtain behind them is the word Joseph. Caption reads: "TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT — The Village Players of Mukwo...

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