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Harwood, Brisbane, and Coffin

Date: 1853
Description: Half plate daguerreotype of E. Harwood, Dr. William Brisbane, and Levi Coffin, sitting in a row.

Co-operative Fair

Date: February 1886
Description: A formal announcement of a Co-operative Fair that was held in March of 1886.

International B-4 Beer Truck Delivering Hudepohl Beer

Date: June 23 1933
Description: Men unloading barrels of Hudepohl beer from an International B-4 truck in front of the "Bay Horse Exchange." Other stores on the city street include the Ma...

Men with 1911 International Auto Wagon in front of Grocery Store

Date: 1912
Description: Three men and a 1911 International Auto Wagon in front of the grocery store of A.W. Staiger. The store next door is Staker Brothers' meat market.

Farm Family Poses with McCormick Grain Binder

Date: 1900
Description: Men, women and children posing in a field with a horse-drawn McCormick grain binder.

22nd Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers

Date: September 22 1862
Description: The 22nd Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers under the command of Colonel William L. Utley, crossing the pontoon bridge at Cincinnati.

Public Landing with Bridge

Description: Elevated view over the Ohio River of a boat landing with a bridge in the background.

Woman Wearing Hat and Veil

Date: 1910
Description: Portrait of woman wearing a large hat with veil.

Steamboats and a Bridge

Date: May 24 1894
Description: View across water towards a bridge with several steamboats lined up on the opposite shoreline on the other side of the bridge.

International Confectionery Truck

Date: 1913
Description: International Model M truck operated by R.E. Neihaus confections. The side of the truck advertises Dolly Varden chocolates. The rear door bears text: "Eat...

Main Entrance and Lobby at Saint Mary's Hospital

Date: 1920
Description: Interior of the lobby at Saint Mary's Hospital, completed May 18, 1859 and designed by Anthony Bley. The view includes a statue of Mary and Jesus surrounde...

Operating Room at Saint Mary's Hospital

Date: 1920
Description: Interior of an operating room at Saint Mary's Hospital, completed May 18, 1859 and designed by Anthony Bley. An operating table, lights, and other surgical...

Sunbathing on the Beach at Coney Island

Description: People sunbathe on a crowded beach along the Ohio River. A shaded pavilion stands on the beach at left and an American flag flies from a slide in the wate...

Krebs Lithographing Co. Memohead

Description: Memohead of the Krebs Lithographing Company, a steam lithographic printing house in Cincinnati, Ohio, with two workmen and a boy operating a printing press...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Geared Rotary Honey Extractor Advertisement

Date: 1872
Description: Advertisement for the Improved Geared Rotary Honey Extractor for 1872. Manufactured by Gray and Winder of Cincinnati, OH. Illustrations of two different mo...

Music Store Delivery Truck

Date: February 09 1928
Description: A delivery truck is backed up to a storefront. The sign painted on the side of the truck reads: "When your wants are musical come to Levis Music Store." Th...

View of Lathes by American Tool Works

Description: View of new turret lathe (center) manufactured by American Tool Works. It is standing on a factory floor flanked by other similar machines that are attache...

Triple Portrait of Edward Harwood, William Brisbane, Levi Coffin

Date: 1853
Description: Half plate daguerreotype of Edward Harwood, William Brisbane and Levi Coffin sitting together. The three men were working together as antislavery activists...

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