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Wisconsin Four Lane Highway

Date: 1954
Description: Elevated view of a newly opened divided four lane highway.

Rexall Drugstore

Date: December 14 1977
Description: Man sweeping the walkway and entrance of the Rio Rexall Drugstore. The windows are decorated for the Christmas holiday.


Date: September 18 1984
Description: Jennie Youn Haeng Seider, 4, of Milwaukee, used her father Jeffrey Seider's back to display her new certificate of naturalization.

Airline Computer Network

Date: September 26 1984
Description: A woman uses an early commercial computer network that allows travel agents to book their own flights without the use of a telephone.

Electric Hair

Date: January 10 1966
Description: Gail Lukas' hair stands on end when she places her hand on a Van de Graalf generator in a demonstration by the Atomic Energy Commission for junior high sch...

Children Poster Display

Date: May 19 1969
Description: Four children hold up their winning posters for a competition in a class.

Golf Game

Date: April 26 1967
Description: Women golfers on the course.

Jogging Group

Date: September 13 1968
Description: YMCA running club members take a run.

Children Sledding

Date: 1975
Description: A winter scene with excited children on a toboggan.

Bradford Beach

Date: June 21 1957
Description: View along shoreline of crowded Bradford beach.

Playing House

Date: January 16 1964
Description: A young girl watches out the door of her playhouse while a young boy retrieves letters from the play mailbox.

Story Time

Date: October 17 1963
Description: A librarian reads a children's book aloud to young boys and girls.

Newborn Chick

Date: March 19 1963
Description: Eggbert, the baby chick, waits for his siblings to hatch in a home incubator, under the watchful eyes of a young boy and girl.

Baking Bread for Communion

Date: September 25 1963
Description: Elevated view of two women, one pulling loaves of bread from the oven and the other glazing crusts in the church kitchen.

Wedding Day Car Problems

Date: June 08 1963
Description: Bride and groom wait in the open convertible that is their transportation to their reception while a mechanic works under the hood.

Class in Session

Date: May 01 1963
Description: A female student leads a class of fellow students. She is a member of the Future Teachers of America Club.


Date: March 18 1963
Description: Four generations are represented in this portrait of a newborn baby with his mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

Peace Through Victory

Date: January 19 1968
Description: Protesters, members of the Milwaukee Americans for Freedom, demonstrate against presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy and in favor of the Vietnam war.

Final Flight

Date: January 31 1971
Description: View of the cockpit as Lt. Col. Joseph Bourassa and co-pilot Leonard Dereszynski of the 440th Tactical Airlift Wing of the Air Force Reserve at General Mit...

Teeter Totter

Date: September 12 1971
Description: Children fashioned their seesaw using a board, and a barricade with a sign that reads: "Road Closed" that they found in an empty lot.

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