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Altmeyer and Signers of Medicare Bill

Date: July 30 1965
Description: Caption reads: "Arthur Altmeyer poses outdoors with John Engell (last name?), Paul Douglas, and Oscar Ewing at the signing of the Medicare Bill." Arthur...

Flyer for Sternwheel G.W. Hill

Description: Advertisement for the sternwheel excursion, G.W. Hill, with an engraving of the sternwheel docked at the riverside, and a description of its feature...

"The Pharmacopeia is for Educated Men.." Exhibit

Date: May 1936
Description: A view of the U.S. Pharmacopeia's exhibit at the American Medical Association's 1931 Conference in Kansas City. The exhibit includes printed reference mate...

Silverford's A.I.D. Pharmacy

Date: 1938
Description: Silverford's A.I.D. Pharmacy, with proprietor, assistant, customer and mailman standing among numerous retail displays and a McCormick-Deering "four in lin...

Children at 4th of July Celebration

Date: July 04 1917
Description: Children dressed up for the Fourth of July at the Trenton Country Club. Three young boys are pulling a girl and boy in a wagon adorned with stars and strip...

Mogul 30-60 Tractor Pulling Elevating Grader

Date: 1915
Description: Mogul 30-60 kerosene tractor pulling an elevating grader in road construction project. The project was part of the "good roads movement" in Missouri.

Milkman Making Delivery from International Model M-2 Milk Truck

Date: December 12 1933
Description: Milkman delivering a bottle of milk to a woman at her residential home. Parked in the foreground along a curb is an International Model M-2 milk truck owne...

Milkman Exiting International Model M-2 Milk Truck

Date: 1933
Description: Milkman delivering bottles of milk and other dairy products to a residential home from an International Model M-2 milk truck. The truck was owned by Pevely...

Tractorette School

Date: 1942
Description: Women assembled for a Tractorette School at Nodaway Co. Implement Co., an International Harvester dealership. Instructor and dealer John Schneider is condu...

International R-185 Truck with Two Budweiser Clydesdale Horses

Date: 1956
Description: International R-185 truck with two Budweiser Clydesdale show horses inspecting the hood.

International Harvester Dealership Parts Room

Date: February 04 1929
Description: Parts room at an International Harvester dealership in Bates(?) City, Missouri. There is a telephone on a table in the right foreground.

Mechanics at IHC Dealership

Date: December 1928
Description: Two blacksmiths at work repairing Farmall tractors in the shop of at the Harvey See Shop in Bates City(?).

Jesse Brabazon Over the Mississippi

Date: November 1912
Description: Jesse Brabazon, pioneer aviator from Delavan, flying over the Mississippi River in a Wright Model B airplane. "It was quite a sight to fly over the Mississ...

St. George's Church Altar

Date: April 17 1928
Description: View down aisle towards the St. George's Church main altar.

International Trucks Used in Excavation

Date: 1929
Description: Three International HS-54(?) dump trucks haul dirt from an excavation site. The trucks were owned by R.J. Blackburn, Inc. and Arrow Hauling Co., Inc.

International Wholesale Fruit Delivery Truck

Date: 1917
Description: Man sitting in an International Model G delivery truck along street curb. The truck was owned by G. Dattilo & Sons, wholesalers of fruits, and featured a c...

"Petticoat Derby" Protest

Date: August 30 1965
Description: Press release photograph of a woman holding a picket sign reading "unfairly difficult driving problem" in mock protest of the difficulty of events involved...

Battle of Missionary Ridge Panorama #1765

Date: 1889
Description: Stereograph from the Panorama of the Battle of Missionary Ridge, Confederate Fortifications in McFarland's Gap, painted in 1885. It was painted by Eugen Br...

Battle of Missionary Ridge Panorama #1764

Date: 1889
Description: Stereograph from the Panorama of the Battle of Missionary Ridge, Valley of the Tennessee Lookout Mountain in the Distance, painted in 1885. It was painted...

Battle of Missionary Ridge Panorama #1763

Date: 1889
Description: Stereograph from the Panorama of the Battle of Missionary Ridge, Union Troops Ascending the Ridge, painted in 1885. It was painted by Eugen Bracht's Berlin...

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