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Charles McCarthy in his Office

Description: Charles McCarthy writing at his desk in his office.

Free The Hollywood Ten

Date: 10 28 1947
Description: Several members of the screenwriters and directors known as the "Hollywood Ten," together with members of their families at a demonstration before their im...

First Attempt

Date: 1887
Description: Scrapbook page containing a cyanotype and albumen print of a picket fence and the caption: "First Attempt;" 1887, What's the Matter? "Light struck."

Trials and Tribulations of Amateur Photography

Date: 1887
Description: Scrapbook page containing a cyanotype print and an albumen print looking toward Lake Michigan.

Diary of Sgt. Charles Floyd

Date: 1804
Description: Front cover of the 55-page diary, from May 14 through August 17, 1804 written by Charles Floyd, a sergeant with the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Letter of Gilbert Imlay

Date: 03 15 1783
Description: Letter written by Gilbert Imlay regarding Daniel Boone.

Letter to Daniel Boone

Date: 1786
Description: Body of a letter written by Gilbert Imlay to Colonel Daniel Boone.

Part Two of Letter to Daniel Boone

Date: 1786
Description: Letter written by Gilbert Imlay to Daniel Boone.


Description: A woman takes down menus and recipes that she hears on her radiophone.

Man Writing a Medical Prescription

Date: 01 14 1941
Description: Close-up of a man writing a medical prescription for digitalis on a pad labeled: "John J. Doe, M.D. Brovira, Wis."

Rev. Edwin O. Kennedy

Date: 09 26 1935
Description: Rev. Edwin O. Kennedy sitting at a desk writing a letter, Christ Presbyterian Church, 124 Wisconsin Avenue. There is a telephone on the desk, and books are...

Janette Serrec Standing Beside Pontiac Car

Date: 05 22 1933
Description: Janette Serrec, University of Wisconsin graduate, lecturer and writer on the "Fine Art of Successful Living," standing beside a Pontiac automobile she drov...

Shorthand at Dickinson Secretarial School

Date: 01 15 1931
Description: A women dictates to another student practicing for ABC shorthand at the Dickinson Secretarial School, 105 Monona Avenue.

Wisconsin State Capitol Interior — Thwaites' Office

Date: 1897
Description: Reuben Gold Thwaites, secretary of the State Historical Society, at his desk in the South Wing of the third Wisconsin State Capitol. Thwaites succeeded Lym...

Writing a Note

Date: 1950
Description: A woman writes a note at a small writing desk in her kitchen.

Letter From Clark To Hamilton

Date: 02 24 1779
Description: Letter from Colonel George Rogers Clark to Lieutenant Governor Henry Hamilton demanding unconditional surrender of Fort Vincennes.

William Dempster Hoard

Date: 1912
Description: A head and shoulders portrait of William Dempster Hoard (1836-1918).
Historical Object

Memorandum and Account Book

Date: 1845
Description: Diary and account book kept by Nicolaus C. Duerst.

Keller Avenue

Date: 1905
Description: View down Keller Avenue towards businesses along the left. A round or octagon shaped building on the far left has a sign that reads: "Restaurant". Further ...

Wasmuth Portfolio Manuscript Page

Description: First page from the Wasmuth Portfolio, text written by Frank Lloyd Wright. The manuscript, written by Wright in Italy, also includes more than forty sketch...

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