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Entering the Uranium Tunnel

Date: 1954
Description: Woman on crutches entering the front office of the uranium tunnel to receive a uranium treatment. Several men sitting in front of the storefront on benches...

Rhudra Gets Surgery

Date: 12 13 1985
Description: Overhead view of Rhudra, an Indian rhinoceros, receiving surgery for a non-healing wound on the sole of his right, rear foot at the Milwaukee County Zoo. T...

Out of Action

Date: 01 13 1967
Description: Dejected skier at home with cast and crutches, after breaking her leg practicing for competition.

Majorette with Baton

Date: 04 29 1963
Description: Rose Sorenson is waving her baton with one arm, while her other arm is in a sling.

Markham Waves to the Crowd

Date: 09 1936
Description: Beryl Markham, a former Kenyan bush pilot, waves to the crowd as she arrives at Floyd Bennett Field in New York. She had just completed the first solo east...

Confined to Bed

Date: 08 28 1960
Description: An insurance executive carries on with work after he was hit by a car, dictating letters to his secretary from his hospital bed, with his leg in traction.

Charles Motisi in Traction

Date: 09 18 1933
Description: Charles Motisi lying in a hospital bed with his foot in traction at Madison General Hospital with the first football injury of the season.

Alfred Deering in front of Doylestown Bank

Date: 09 11 1931
Description: Alfred Deering, on the steps in front of the Doylestown Bank, holding his hat. He received a wound to the head during the Doylestown bank robbery. Men are ...

Doylestown Bank Robbery, Gunshot Victim

Date: 09 11 1931
Description: Portrait of W.J. Baw, Doylestown Bank robbery gunshot victim, who was shot through the wrist as he attempted, with only a brick as a weapon, to attack one ...

Charles Tounson

Date: 1965
Description: Charles Tounson with bandaged head.

Obed Hussey

Date: 1850
Description: Quarter-length portrait of inventor Obed Hussey (1782?-1860) as it appeared in W.T. Hutchinson's biography of Cyrus Hall McCormick. He is wearing an eye pa...

Wounded Marine

Date: 02 1945
Description: Corporal William (Bill) Fenton lays badly wounded, waiting for medical treatment. There is a note on his shirt that reads "urgent." Fenton survived the inj...

Sgt. Vincent Brencick, Injured Soldier

Date: 1945
Description: Sgt. Vincent Brencick, USMC, IV Division, commander and sole survivor of the crew of the General Sherman tank Capetown, set afire by a mine. Sgt. Br...

Wounded Union Civil War Soldier

Date: 1886
Description: Oil on linen study of a Union Civil War soldier examining his wound. The study was created as part of the work of the German panorama painters active in Mi...

Wounded Marine in Iwo Jima

Date: 02 1945
Description: A marine from the USS "Samaritan" lays on a stretcher with his eyes bandaged.

Two Doctors with Wounded Man

Date: 02 1945
Description: Two doctors attend to a wounded man on a stretcher in Iwo Jima.

Child with Injured Foot

Date: 08 1957
Description: A young Algerian girl has her foot treated by a Red Crescent (Red Cross equivalent) worker in a tent. The man is wrapping the girl's foot in bandages. She ...


Description: A carte-de-visite of John Schmit, Freddy Hill, Leland Fay and George Schmit, who were frozen on the night of March 10th and 11th, 1876, on the Green Bay an...

Lucius Fairchild

Date: 11 1863
Description: Photograph of Lucius Fairchild of the 2nd Wisconsin made by Mathew Brady in Washington, D.C. about three months after the Battle of Gettysburg. Severely wo...

Smokey Bear with Dr. Edwin J. Smith

Date: 1950
Description: Smokey Bear cub receives treatment from Dr. Edwin J. Smith of Santa Fe, for burns he suffered in a forest fire.

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