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Sunday in a Lumber Camp Bunkhouse

Date: 1900
Description: Sunday morning in a lumber camp bunk house.

Kitchen Interior

Date: 1910
Description: Woman baking in a large kitchen with lean-to pantry and a wood-burning stove. The sconces or reflectors on the kerosene lamps intensified the light.

Mrs. Mutchler Making Soup

Date: 05 12 1933
Description: Mrs. Wilson Mutchler of Stoners' Prairie farm at 2533 Mutchler Road, south of Madison, cooking soup on a woodstove.

Lumber Camp Bunkhouse

Description: Loggers gathered in the bunk house. Boots and socks dry above the stove.

Wood Burning Cooking Range

Date: 1912
Description: Ornate iron wood burning cooking range.

Making Buckwheat Pancakes

Date: 09 13 1949
Description: Elderly woman making pancakes on griddle at wood burning stove.

Pouring Kerosene on Stove Fire

Date: 08 1927
Description: A woman pretends to pour kerosene on a hot stove as part of an International Harvester Agricultural Extension Department campaign to make families aware of...

"Jewel" Stove

Date: 08 1927
Description: "Jewel" brand stove inside a farmhouse kitchen. The original caption reads: "Stove for patch work in making faked pictures."

African American School Band

Date: 1914
Description: African-American school band assembled in a lecture hall at the Piney Woods Country Life School with Agricultural Extension Department workers and charts i...

Brillion News Print Shop

Date: 1901
Description: Interior view of the Brillion News Print Shop, where a printer and his assistants, two women, are posing around a press and work tables.

Tate & Kleinpell Hardware

Date: 1904
Description: View of the interior of Tate & Kleinpell Hardware, with stoves, churns, seeds and other items displayed for sale.

George Smith's Shack

Date: 12 31 1934
Description: Interior of hermit George Smith's squalid shack, 2 miles southwest of Cottage Grove.

Chris Copus Family

Date: 10 29 1934
Description: Portrait of seven of the twelve members of the Chris Copus family standing beside a pot belly stove in their makeshift garage home on Roth Street. They wer...

Tom Brown, Cartoonist

Date: 11 10 1932
Description: Tom Brown, cartoonist, drawing at his kitchen table beside a large Queen's Best wood burning stove.

Peterson Family at Home

Date: 1915
Description: Mr. Peterson is sitting in a rocking chair reading the newspaper and smoking a pipe, while Mrs. Peterson is standing at the stove with their young son, Jam...

Railroad Employees at Waukesha

Date: 1915
Description: Employees of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway in the company's Waukesha office. Left to right they are Carl Mix, Ruth McGeen, Clarence Mica (seate...

Four Jacobson Daughters

Date: 1910
Description: Four Jacobson daughters in living room with an ornate stove and a Christmas tree in the back room.

Summer Kitchen

Date: 08 1898
Description: Summer kitchen at the Turville family farmhouse.

Interior Room with Furnishings

Date: 1873
Description: A room with a pump organ, stove, rocking chair, tier table, two paintings and a low hanging light fixture. A "Home, Sweet, Home" sign is hanging above the ...

Interior of Small Lutheran Church

Date: 1876
Description: View of the interior of a small Lutheran church. A wood-burning stove is in the aisle between the pews, and a painting is hanging above the altar.

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