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Tombs of Assiniboin Indians on Trees

Date: 1832
Description: Tombs made by Assiniboin Indians in trees.

Wolf Cubs at Henry Vilas Zoo

Date: 05 08 1933
Description: Timber wolf cubs eating from a dish at the Henry Vilas Zoo (Vilas Park Zoo).

Buffalo Hunt, White Wolves Attacking a Buffalo Bull

Date: 1844
Description: A buffalo surrounded by wolves (Plate 10).

"There are several varieties of the wolf species on the American prairies, the most numerous and formidable of...


Buffalo Hunt, Under the White Wolf Skin

Date: 1844
Description: Indians disguised as wolves hunting buffaloes (Plate 13).

"Of the white wolf and its habits I have given an account in Plate 10, and although these anima...


Pioneer Village

Description: Large area of stuffed wild animals indoors at Pioneer Village.

Wolf near Chainlink Fence

Description: Wolf near chain link fence.

Man Posing with Dead Wolf

Description: A man holds a dead wolf by the hindquarters and poses for a studio photograph in front of a painted backdrop. He is wearing a hat, shirt, and trousers.

Prairie Wolf Drawing

Description: Drawing of Prairie Wolf.

A Complete Deer Season, Cornucopia, Wis.

Date: 1950
Description: Photographic postcard of a man holding a rifle, squatting on ground on the right, with his trophies: Carcasses of a deer, a bear and a wolf hanging from pi...

Woman with the Head of a Wolf

Description: Drawing of a woman with the head of a wolf. She is wearing a red blouse, green skirt and high heels, and the speech bubble reads: "I Always Let Men Chase M...

Join American Red Cross Poster

Date: 1917
Description: World War I poster depicting a young nurse extending out her right hand. In the background, wolves are approaching the front porch of a house, and howling ...

Wolf Pups

Date: 1939
Description: An unidentified person is holding three wolf pups, or cubs, at the State Experimental Game and Fur Farm.

Wisconsin Float in New York

Date: 09 19 1937
Description: View towards a group of people looking at a float, built on the bed of a truck, representing the Wisconsin Conservation Department. The float is stopped on...

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