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Aerial View of Contour Strip Farming

Date: 1958
Description: Aerial view of contour strip farming with the Obert Olstad farm in foreground. The Carl Backum farm is in the background.

McCormick "Westward" Advertising Poster

Date: 1886
Description: Advertising poster showing color illustration of pioneers on a bluff overlooking a McCormick binder harvesting grain in the valley below. The poster bears ...

Farmer Harvests Grain on Steep Hill with McCormick Binder

Date: 1900
Description: Slightly elevated view of a farmer harvesting grain on a hill or ridge with a horse-drawn McCormick grain binder near Pittsburgh. In the background is a va...

Wrecked and Abandoned Automobiles in Pasture

Date: 05 16 1962
Description: Wrecked and abandoned automobiles in a hidden rural hollow.
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Bird's-Eye Views of Milwaukee, Wis.

Date: 1882
Description: Bird's-eye views of various sections of Milwaukee.

East Bluff, Devil's Lake

Date: 07 29 1928
Description: Elevated view of Devil's Lake State Park from East Bluff, looking east toward the valley.

IHC Hay Presses

Date: 1914
Description: Front cover of an advertising catalog for IHC hay presses featuring an illustration of a landscape of a valley with farms and fields.

German Farmers Pull Log with McCormick D-435 Tractor

Date: 1960
Description: German farmers pulling a wooden log with a McCormick D-435 tractor against a mountainous backdrop in Alpine country.

Streetcar Viaduct

Date: 1911
Description: Elevated view across valley toward a streetcar viaduct on the Waukesha Interurban Line, near Milwaukee. Caption reads: "Street Car Bridge on Waukesha Inter...

Amund Rustebakke Farm

Date: 1873
Description: View across field towards the Amund Rustebakke farm. Twelve haystacks dominate the left and center of the image, and two people are standing on top of the ...

Farm near Stream

Description: View from hill over a valley dotted with farmsteads and a meandering stream in the foreground. A group of three or four people are posing at the opposite s...

G. Gullockson Farmstead

Date: 1876
Description: View, from above, of what may be the G. Gullockson farmstead. A frame house is in the left foreground, with a large group of men, women and children standi...

Farm with Windmill

Description: View from hill overlooking a farmstead at the base of the hill with a windmill and a pond. On the right in the foreground, two men, one sitting, one standi...

Barn Raising

Description: A work crew raising the bents of a barn framing system using pike poles. A valley is in the background beyond the hill where the barn is being constructed.

Installing a Top Plate for a Barn

Description: Dahl took a series of pictures of barn raisings, one of many community activities he photographed. Here the crew is installing a top plate on the side wall...

Men in Field Pointing at Livestock

Description: Two men are in a field in the foreground, one sitting in a carriage, one standing next to it, and both men pointing to the background. There we see cows, h...

Cross Plains from Lutheran Church Hill

Date: 05 10 1928
Description: The Lutheran Church and buildings, seen from Lutheran Church Hill.

Bird's-Eye View of Elmwood

Date: 1905
Description: Elevated view from hill towards Elmwood. Tree-covered bluffs are in the distance. Caption reads: "Bird's Eye View of Elmwood, Wis."

Black Earth Valley

Date: 1852
Description: Pencil drawing of Black Earth Valley. Gentle lightly tree-covered hills frame the center grassy valley. Two farmhouses are sitting at the base of hills on ...

Kickapoo Valley

Date: 1930
Description: Elevated view of a town in the Kickapoo Valley.

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