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Altmeyer at Inter-American Conference on Social Security

Date: 1951
Description: Arthur Altmeyer speaking at the Inter-American Conference on Social Security, which took place in Buenes Aires. Eva Peron is seated to his left, wearing he...

Boy with Radio Kit

Date: 10 02 1954
Description: Boy with radio kit, experimenting with a two tube radio receiver.

W.I.B.A. Radio Tower

Date: 12 27 1935
Description: View across snow-covered ground towards four men constructing the W.I.B.A. radio transmission tower.

Governor Schmedeman Holding Radio Microphone

Date: 10 30 1934
Description: Governor Albert Schmedeman at home. He is sitting in a wheelchair and holding a radio microphone.

H&S Radio Service

Date: 05 14 1934
Description: H&S Radio Service, 308 E. Wilson Street - interior. Shows speakers, vacuum tubes, and other radio parts. Owned by Don Head and Jack Symons.

WIBA Radio Transmitter

Date: 11 04 1933
Description: Everett H. Marshall stands next to a radio transmitter at the WIBA transmitter station, 111 King Street.

Kidder Radio Shop (Panorama, Left Side)

Date: 12 23 1932
Description: Left interior of Kidder Radio Shop, 113 N. Baldwin Street. Shows two men working on radios.

Kidder Radio Shop (Panorama, Right Side)

Date: 12 23 1932
Description: Right interior of Kidder Radio Shop, 113 N. Baldwin Street. Shows two men working on radios.

WIBA Radio Control Room

Date: 12 05 1930
Description: Mr. Hagen sitting at master control in the WIBA control room.

Radio Transmitter and Walter T. Butler

Date: 10 29 1930
Description: Walter T. Butler stands beside a radio transmitter in his store, Butler Radio Service, 606 University Avenue.

Playing the RCA Victor Theremin

Date: 10 17 1930
Description: Charlotte Hilton playing the Victor Theremin musical instrument invented by Leon Theremin, at the Ludlow Radio Company store, 116 N. Fairchild Street.

Radio Station Master Control

Date: 10 03 1930
Description: Everett Marshall, engineer, standing at the control panel of the radio station, WIBA.

Radios on Display

Date: 09 26 1930
Description: Display of Majestic radios at the Lunder Furniture Company, 2044 Atwood Avenue.

Wisconsin Telephone Company Antenna

Date: 04 13 1948
Description: Wisconsin Telephone Company, 122 West Main Street, showing an antenna on top of the building for use with mobile telephone service.

Wisconsin Telephone Company Car

Date: 04 13 1948
Description: Ford "Woody" station wagon test car with antenna for mobile telephone, on West Washington Avenue in front of the Grace Episcopal Church. Also included in t...

Candidate La Follette

Date: 1924
Description: Robert M. La Follette, Sr., independent third-party Presidential candidate, and his son Robert M. La Follette, Jr., listen to a radio address by President ...

West High School Radio Club

Date: 10 31 1952
Description: Two members of the West High School radio club, Alan Frees and Bill Reeve, operating the club's "ham" station. Observing the young men are Henry Lugg, spon...

Man Deplaning Airplane following Rose Bowl Trip

Date: 01 02 1953
Description: Football coach Ivy Williamson (?) is interviewed by a man with a radio transmitter on the steps of the airplane upon his return from the Rose Bowl game.

WHA Summer Radio Workshop

Date: 07 12 1944
Description: Three persons at the summer radio workshop sponsored by WHA Radio on the University of Wisconsin campus. Jack Steel shows Senta Lorenz on the left and Ruth...

Ray-O-Vac & RMR Promotion

Date: 03 03 1945
Description: Soldier helping a woman use a Handie Talkie at the Ray-O-Vac & RMR promotional exhibit set up at the Capitol Theatre. "This battery is the heart of the Han...

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