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Tire Factory Interior

Date: 1919
Description: Elevated interior view of the Boone Tire Factory. Men are lined up along a wall with open windows. They are each using a stand to hold a wheel while wrappi...

World's Largest Tire

Date: 11 02 1930
Description: Group of people, including dwarfs and midgets, posing with "the worlds largest tire" in front of the RKO Orpheum Theatre as part of a promotion for Goodyea...

Licari Tire Company

Date: 07 02 1936
Description: A view of the Licari Tire Company, 767 West Washington, with a Phillips sign in the foreground, and a Gillette Tire Company sign with the company's slogan:...

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Date: 08 22 1928
Description: Harley-Davidson motorcycle, used as a service vehicle for the Madison Tire Company, distributor of Goodyear tires, at 205 North Bassett Street.

Licari Tire Co. Office

Date: 10 26 1934
Description: A driver is sitting in Licari's panel truck, next to the small art deco office of Licari Tire Company, where another man is posing at the door, 767 West Wa...

Man Loading Tires into International D Series Delivery Truck

Date: 05 26 1937
Description: Worker loading tires into the back of an International D series delivery truck at Ohio Independent Oil Company service station.

Truck Tires

Date: 02 22 1942
Description: Truck tires from a burned Gateway truck.

Fauerbach Brewing Company Truck

Date: 04 27 1938
Description: Front view of Fauerbach Lager Beer truck, with James Hepburn, Distributor, Decorah, Iowa painted on the cab, outside of the Ideal Body Company, 502 S. Park...

Retreaded Tires

Date: 10 21 1937
Description: Two men comparing a large retreaded General tire against a worn out tire at a Diamond gas station. Monona Tire Co., 128 S. Pinckney Street.

Pahl Tire Co.

Date: 06 03 1937
Description: Pahl Tire Company, located at 208 E. Washington Avenue. Opened in 1936, moved to 202 East Washington Avenue about 1960, closed in 2013.

Goodrich Tire Salesmen

Date: 04 01 1937
Description: Group portrait of Goodrich tire salesmen, at a Goodrich Service Station.

Safety League Mystery Ship

Date: 07 18 1935
Description: Man standing behind of two women sitting in a car that looks like an airplane parked in front of and advertising Goodrich Silvertown Stores, 515 University...

Safety League Mystery Ship

Date: 07 18 1935
Description: A man spinning the propeller with Frank A. Sloan in the pilot seat and a women is sitting in the back of a car that looks like an airplane. They are at a G...

Goodrich Service Truck and Men

Date: 10 12 1934
Description: Three attendants are standing beside a Goodrich truck at Goodrich Silvertown, Inc. 515 University Avenue, next to a sign for Goodrich Tires and Batteries. ...

Tire Retreading at Edwards Tire Co.

Date: 09 20 1934
Description: Two men retreading tires at Edwards Tire Company, located at 124 W. Main Street.

Licari Tire Co.

Date: 09 01 1934
Description: Three automobiles parked at Licari Tire Co., 767 W. Washington Avenue, featuring Gillette tires, one automobile is advertising Licari Tire Co. and Gillette...

Goodrich Silvertown, Inc. Office

Date: 07 11 1934
Description: Goodrich Silvertown, Inc. 515 University Avenue, office, with four employees at desks.

Goodyear Service Station

Date: 05 15 1934
Description: Goodyear Service Station, 205 North Bassett Street on the corner of West Dayton Street.

Fiore Coal & Oil Co. Exhibit

Date: 05 02 1934
Description: Fiore Coal & Oil Company exhibit at Madison Home Show featuring oil burners and Lee tires.

Capitol Oil Corporation Exhibit

Date: 02 12 1934
Description: Two men stand with the Capitol Oil Corporation display at the Madison Auto Show. The exhibit features "Tiolene Motor Oil," "Bowes Seal Fast," "Purol-Pep ga...

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