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Harwood, Brisbane, and Coffin

Date: 1853
Description: Half plate daguerreotype of E. Harwood, Dr. William Brisbane, and Levi Coffin, sitting in a row.

Mrs. Phillips, Secretary of W.C.T.U.

Date: 08 24 1934
Description: Portrait of Margaret Phillips, secretary of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, seamstress, writer, and a Madison activist.

Susan B. Anthony

Description: A portrait of an elderly Susan B. Anthony. She is known primarily for her leadership in the women's rights movement, but was also an activist for other soc...

Temperance Demonstration by Three Men

Date: 1900
Description: Three men in long coats and hats are standing outdoors and staging an elaborate temperance portrait, which includes jugs and an artificial human skull.

Frances Willard

Date: 01 08 1898
Description: The last photograph taken of Frances Willard, a leader in the temperance movement and women's activist in the Methodist church.

Temperance Hall and Temperance House

Date: 1910
Description: Exterior view of Temperance Hall and Temperance House, both built in the 1840's.

Kathryn Piper

Date: 10 03 1944
Description: Kathryn Piper, widow of Frank Piper and president of the Madison chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) for 12 years prior to 1941, is ob...

Temperance Rebus

Date: 1885
Description: Rebus from the National Temperance Advocate, 1884-1886 p.207. Solution is: "What harm can there be in a glass of beer? None, my man, in one or two. 'Tis ha...

Temperance Fair Booth

Date: 1964
Description: Fundraising booth of the United Temperance Movement of Wisconsin at the Wisconsin State Fair. At that booth one could purchase soft drinks, milk, and "firs...

Schlitz Beer Advertisement

Date: 04 1932
Description: "Here's to Health!", an advertisement for the alcohol-free beer brewed by Schlitz during Prohibition. The advertising touts the product's healthful qualiti...

Loyal Temperance League Group

Description: A group of Wisconsin Loyal Temperance League children and their teacher. The LTL was a branch of the Women's Christian Temperance Union that focused on the...

African American Temperance Group

Description: Group portrait of a Loyal Temperance League organization largely comprised of African American women and children.

Temperance Group at Willard School

Date: 07 17 1909
Description: Field trip to Emma Willard's home near Janesville by the 18th annual convention of the Loyal Temperance League of Wisconsin. The sign on one of the wagons ...

Members of the Loyal Temperance League

Date: 05 07 1927
Description: At a convention of the Fond du Lac County chapters of the Loyal Temperance League, some of the children present for a group picture hold up a sign that say...

WCTU Float

Date: 07 11 1941
Description: Float of the Women's Christian Temperance Union in a Milwaukee parade.

Temperance Procession

Date: 07 1892
Description: Procession of children and adults at the second convention of the Wisconsin Loyal Temperance League at Delavan. The LTL was a branch of the Women's Christi...

Loyal Temperance Legion Parade at Delavan

Date: 07 1892
Description: Parade of men, women, and young people attending the second convention of the Wisconsin Loyal Temperance Union at Delavan. The LTL was a branch of the Wome...

"Opportunity Meets Responsibility"

Date: 07 1901
Description: Decorations in the Methodist Episcopal Church of Monroe where the Wisconsin Loyal Temperance League met for its annual convention in 1901. A portrait of na...

Temperance House Sign

Date: 1925
Description: A worn, painted wooden sign reads: "Temperance House by J. Child 1852." It was "at Lima Center, the first house south of the cemetery on the main road betw...
Magazine or Periodical

The Old Oaken Bucket

Date: 1849
Description: Masthead of Racine, Wisconsin temperance publication The Old Oaken Bucket and Sons of Temperance Organ. The masthead features a bucolic scene at the...

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