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Civil Works Service Employee gives out a Check

Date: 02 10 1934
Description: A Civil Works Service employee with a check and equivalent in groceries.
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Swiss Colony of New Glarus, Wisconsin

Date: 1860
Description: Bird's-eye drawing of New Glarus.
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Ethnic Stocks Map

Date: 1940
Description: Map of the people of Wisconsin according to ethnic stocks.

Albert Mueller, his Mother and Robert Draves

Date: 08 20 1940
Description: Albert Mueller, his mother, and recording technician Robert Draves. Mueller was a Tyrolean zither player.

Abraham Schmocker Seated Outside His Log Cabin

Date: 1885
Description: Abraham Schmocker, a "hermit" who lived in "Stumptown" near Alma, seated on a bench outside his log cabin, holding a kitty.

Women and Children in New Glarus

Date: 1874
Description: View of the town which was founded by Swiss settlers in 1845. A group of women and children stands in front of a fence at 130 5th Avenue, the Gabriel Schin...

Turner Hall

Date: 1960
Description: Turner Hall, a Swiss social center in Monroe.

Swiss Settler Monument

Date: 1915
Description: Monument to the first settlers in this Swiss colony, 1845.

Monument to First Settlers

Date: 1920
Description: Monument to the first settlers in this Swiss colony, 1845. View of monument with partial view of Swiss Reform Church in the background.

Cabin Built by Jacob Rieder

Date: 1948
Description: Cabin built by Jacob Rieder, an early Swiss settler of New Glarus.

Swiss Reformed Church

Date: 1895
Description: Slightly elevated view of the Swiss Reformed Church, destroyed in 1899. Snow is on the ground.

Swiss Reformed Church

Date: 1895
Description: Swiss Reformed Church (second church), demolished in 1899.

New Glarus

Date: 1850
Description: New Glarus from an early lithograph. Caption reads: "A Swiss contribution to American culture, New Glarus, Wis., founded in 1845 by Swiss settlers and stil...

Wilhelm Tell Festival Flag Bearers

Date: 1952
Description: Four women in Swiss costume, three of whom are holding flags, at the Wilhelm Tell Festival.

Swiss Immigration Tableau

Date: 1905
Description: Second generation Swiss-Americans dressed as Swiss immigrants for 1905 60th Anniversary of the founding of New Glarus.

Reverend William Streissguth

Date: 1885
Description: Portrait of Reverend William Streissguth (1827-1915). Streissguth, a native of Lahr, Germany, trained at the Baseler Missionhaus and was sent by the Reform...

Reverend Oswald Ragatz

Description: Portrait of Reverend Oswald Ragatz.

Swiss Baptismal Certificate

Date: 1812
Description: Swiss baptismal certificate, Glarus.

Jacob Gasser Family

Date: 1898
Description: Group portrait of the Jacob Gasser family standing in front of the farmhouse at Tower Rock Farm.

Girls in Swiss Costume

Date: 1941
Description: Two young girls dressed in Swiss costumes for the Wilhelm Tell Festival.

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