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Alice in Dairyland

Date: 1951
Description: Alice in Dairyland, Marjean Czerwinski, wearing her crown and gown, rides on the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Jefferson Coates

Date: 1870
Description: Francis Jefferson Coates of the 7th Wisconsin who earned the Medal of Honor for bravery at the Battle of Gettysburg. Sergeant Coates was so severely wounde...

CORE Picketers

Date: January 14 1964
Description: Civil rights group CORE picketing the Board of Realtors at Coach House Motor Inn for fairness and equality in housing.

McMahon Signs Autographs

Date: July 25 1967
Description: Chicago White Sox pitcher, Don McMahon, signs autographs for fans before a game.

On Strike

Date: November 05 1962
Description: Lone picketer from Painters' Local 781 protests against workers not receiving union wages, hours, and benefits.

Picketers Protesting Economic Exploitation

Date: November 18 1966
Description: Two men carry signs to protest exploitation of tenants who are members of Local 404 by their landlord who is manager of College Barber Shop.

Mowing the Lawn

Date: May 28 1987
Description: A Parks Department employee pushes a mower up a steep hill to keep Buchner Park maintained.

Anti-Nuclear Protest

Date: February 25 1988
Description: A man hands out information while holding a sign reading "Stop All Nuclear Testing" in front of the Reuss Federal Building.

Antique Cars on Display

Date: August 18 1987
Description: At a Hartford antique show, a man looks over a well-maintained Model T Ford. In the background other people inspect more vintage automobiles.

Frisbee Catch

Date: July 20 1988
Description: Young men clamor to catch a Frisbee during a beach game.

School Crossing Guard

Date: September 10 1987
Description: A traffic crossing guard reading while she is waiting for a Grafton elementary school to dismiss its students for the day.

Quiet Moment

Date: May 14 1987
Description: A couple holds hands and reads together while sitting on a bench.

Family Camping Trip

Date: September 06 1988
Description: Family members gather around a campfire to enjoy biscuits and sausages cooked on the grill at Naga-Waukee Park.

Doctor of Laffs

Date: September 27 1930
Description: Man in a tophat, suit, and cape holding a doctor's bag. His hat reads: "Doctor of Laffs."

International Truck Dealers Pose with Truck Driver

Date: 1976
Description: View of two International truck dealers posing with truck driver and International Transtar II in front of dealership. Truck was owned by Carstensen Freigh...

Batman Leaps from International Scout Pickup

Date: 1966
Description: Man dressed in costume as Batman is leaping from the back of an International Scout pickup as part of a promotion for the Norwalk Theatre. The Scout is par...

Mrs. Morrow Holding Twins

Date: October 30 1934
Description: Portrait of Mrs. Morrow, 21-years-old, sitting and wearing dark eyeglasses due to a medical procedure for an eye infection. Morrow is from Mather, Wisconsi...

Card Game

Date: August 22 1963
Description: Group plays cards underneath the shady trees in Mitchell park.

Prominent Menominee Men

Date: 1910
Description: A group of prominent Menominee: (from left to right) Wisanokwut, Wiuskasit, Thomas Hog, Kesoafomesao, Louise Amore (or Amour), and Judge Perrote. This pho...

Willson Sunglasses Paste-up

Date: March 04 1957
Description: Advertising paste-up of three women wearing three different types of Willson Sunglasses: J25D, J26D, J27D.

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