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Excavation for New York City Subway

Date: 1925
Description: View looking down at workers at work below street level, with cranes and International trucks excavating area for the future New York City subway. On the r...

Construction Workers Excavating for NYC Subway

Date: August 19 1925
Description: Workers are removing dirt for the construction of the New York City subway with a Bucyrus shovel loader and an International truck. The workers are below s...

Proxmire and Muskie on the Subway

Description: Senator William Proxmire chatting with Senator Edwin Muskie of Maine while riding on the U.S. Capitol subway.

Man Entering Subway Station

Date: 1969
Description: A man descends the stairs to a subway station near the construction of the World Trade Center.

International Trucks Advertising Poster

Date: 1925
Description: Advertising poster for International trucks. Features an illustration of men using an International heavy-duty truck at a subway construction site, a list...

"Boycott Gimbels" Sign

Date: 1969
Description: Sign on street is protesting the Gimbels department store. Underneath the large text, it reads, "Gimbels, in building over the already inadequate 86 IRT Le...

"Happiness" Production Still

Date: 1924
Description: On the left, cameraman Chester A. Lyons cranking a Bell & Howell model 2709 and director King Vidor seated next to his megaphone. On the right, a line of a...

Bread Company President with Subway Advertisements

Date: 1970
Description: An older man is standing in front of three subway advertisements for Levy and Son's Bakery rye bread of New York City. The man is company president Samuel...
Map or Atlas

Madison Transit Map

Date: 1975
Description: This map shows transportation routes taken by public transit. Includes a key to bus routes, schedule, and transit information. Includes labels for streets,...

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