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Governor Julius P. Heil Campaigning to Teenagers

Date: October 1942
Description: Governor Julius P. Heil (1876-1949) speaks to Shawano High School students and others during his gubernatorial re-election campaign. He arrived during the...

Krueger Children on Front Porch

Date: December 1905
Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger are sitting on the front porch of the Krueger home with an Edison Standard phonograph sitting on a chair between them. Two Edison...

San Padeo Workshop

Date: 1964
Description: Highlander Folk School students and directors standing in a line, possibly singing together, at the San Padeo workshop. Third from left, Myles Horton, Will...

Fred Coe

Date: 1956
Description: Candid shot of Fred Coe, producer of "Playwrights '56," sitting at his production board.

Linguistic Exhibit

Date: September 27 1934
Description: University of Wisconsin Professor Miles L. Hanley watching coeds Laura Severson and Theressa Fein, while they are working on transcriptions for a linguisti...

School Project

Date: April 22 1967
Description: Two junior high students work on a project that requires making a vocal recording.

Infirmary at IHC Deering Works Twine Mill

Description: Wicker chairs, pillows, table, magazines, a Victrola, and a medicine cabinet in the infirmary at International Harvester' Deering Works twine mill. The fac...

Ultimate Hi-Fi System

Date: August 12 1958
Description: Urbane gentleman shows off his sophisticated high fidelity wall system with reel-to-reel tape deck, reels of tape, and record albums.

Story Time

Date: September 26 1967
Description: Young children listen to a story through earphones as a teacher's aid looks on.

Language Lab Reel-To-Reel Tape Machines

Date: February 18 1959
Description: Language teachers listening to foreign languages on tape decks at an institute for public school language teachers at Mount Mary College.

School Children Folk Dancing

Date: 1919
Description: School children dancing in a circle to music from a Victrola phonograph as women look on. The children are outdoors, possibly in a rural schoolyard.

Directing an "Action Song"

Date: 1919
Description: Miss Streeter leading school children in the "shoemaker's song". Another woman is standing near a Victrola. The children are outdoors under trees. Possibly...

Dutch Tavern

Date: April 01 1941
Description: Dutch Tavern, 121 North Blount Street, with piano, jukebox, tables, booths, and northwoods decor.

Movie Theater Speaker

Date: February 25 1939
Description: Parkway Theatre, 6-10 W. Mifflin Street, side view of speaker.

McCoy's Ice Cream Parlor

Date: June 02 1937
Description: McCoy's Ice Cream Parlor, 507 State Street, showing booths and jukebox.

Reed Sound Service Car

Date: March 03 1937
Description: John P. Reed's Sound Service car with two loud speaker horns and a sign on top. The automobile is a Plymouth provided by Gillespie Blumer of Madison.

Emerson School Hearing Test

Date: February 11 1935
Description: Boys at Emerson School are listening intently to earphones and writing on notebooks during a hearing test.

Badger Theater Group

Date: January 20 1934
Description: Group portrait of three women and two men who are in the Badger theater group in Mt. Horeb participating in the Dane County rural drama tournament. Left to...

Madison Radio Shop Sound Car

Date: April 03 1933
Description: "Sound car" with loud speakers on the front hood, and a large sign on top that reads: "Norge, Madison Radio & Refrigerator Co., Borgrud Hardware Co., Ander...

Lapham School Radio Room

Date: April 29 1931
Description: Ben Park, sitting in a chair, is talking to all the classrooms in Lapham school through the radio microphone in the office of Shirley D. Almy, principal. T...

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