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Sentry's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Department

Date: 02 14 1985
Description: A display of fruit and vegetables in the East Side Foods Sentry store.

Child in a Shopping Cart

Date: 01 27 1956
Description: Child in a shopping cart with a frozen Armour smoked ham.

Grocery Store

Description: A woman is being waited on by a man standing behind the counter of a grocery store. Canned goods are stacked on shelves along the wall behind the counter.

Civil Works Service Employee gives out a Check

Date: 02 10 1934
Description: A Civil Works Service employee with a check and equivalent in groceries.

"Hot Dr. Pepper" Supermarket Display

Date: 1966
Description: Costumed saleswoman at a supermarket display for Dr. Pepper soft drinks. The display includes samples of "Hot Dr. Pepper" and "winter warmer."

Department Store

Date: 11 30 1966
Description: Sears Roebuck department store interior.

Buying Paint

Date: 1950
Description: A couple waits at the checkout stand with a shopping cart and cans of Mautz paint and other supplies to purchase.

Grocery Shopping

Date: 1950
Description: A grocery clerk boxes up purchases as a woman and her young son wait at the checkout counter.

Window Shopping

Date: 1950
Description: A woman and young girl review the latest fashion merchandise in a retail window display.

Christmas Returns

Date: 12 26 1982
Description: A Target retail store is flooded with customers returning Christmas gifts.

Farmers Hauling Goods in Columbus Wagon

Description: Two farmers standing in the bed of a wooden Columbus wagon loaded with groceries and other goods. The original caption reads: "One of the reasons why Alaba...

Catalog Shopper

Date: 11 20 1988
Description: Mail-order shopper with too many choices ponders her next purchase.

Hardware Sales

Date: 12 19 1962
Description: Hilgendorf's Hardware store clerk showing a saw to a customer.

Family in Toy Store

Date: 10 23 1924
Description: Boy sitting in a "McFarlan" toy car as two men and a woman are looking on. The group appears to be in a toy store or toy department, with other toy cars, a...

McConley's Food Market Interior

Date: 09 11 1945
Description: McConley's Food Market, interior, 1254 East Washington Avenue, showing counter with scale, shopper carts, shelves of canned goods, refrigerator in rear, Bo...

Thom McAn Shoe Store

Date: 08 16 1944
Description: Clerks help customers try on shoes at the Thom McAn Shoe Store, 224 State Street.

Woman Shopping at Kroger Store

Date: 07 09 1943
Description: A woman shopping in the produce department at the Kroger store at Union Corners, 2541 Winnebago Street. She was promoting the Oscar Mayer Health for Victor...

Shopping at Kroger's

Date: 07 1943
Description: A woman shopping in the meat department at the Kroger store at Union Corners, 2541 Winnebago Street. She is there to promote the wartime Oscar Mayer Health...

Furniture Display Room

Date: 12 24 1940
Description: Lowell Frautschi showing a couple a dining room table in the furniture display room at Frautschi's Incorporated, 219 King Street.

Man Selling Ties to Emerie Ann Lincoln

Date: 03 21 1935
Description: A man is selling neckties to blues singer Emerie Ann Lincoln, at Spoo & Stephan Store, 18 N. Carroll Street.

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