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Launching Rockets During Battle of Iwo Jima

Date: 1945
Description: Soldiers firing rockets from two International M-2-4 launch vehicles during combat operations in Iwo Jima.

Gemini 7

Date: November 08 1968
Description: The Gemini 7 space capsule in which astronaut James Lovell flew in 1965, seen here on display at the Wisconsin Regional Space Center. Although born in Ma...

Saturn SA-5 Rocket

Description: Workmen making adjustments for launch are dwarfed by the Saturn SA-5 booster rocket, a preliminary stage in the development of the Saturn V. Eventually, Sa...

Saturn C-1

Date: 1961
Description: A Saturn C-1 booster rocket (later renamed Saturn 1) during a static firing at the Marshall Space Flight Center. This test was an early stage in the develo...

Gemini 7

Date: December 15 1965
Description: The Gemini 7 spacecraft as photographed by the Gemini 6 crew, 160 miles above the earth. The two-man crew of Gemini 7 included Frank Borman and James A. L...

Gemini Interview

Date: August 17 1965
Description: NBC News broadcaster Merrill Mueller interviewing Lockheed engineer Bud Zeller about the Gemini Agena Target Vehicle. The interview was part of a public re...

Apollo 8 Honors

Date: February 20 1969
Description: Astronaut James A. Lovell accepting a gift of cheese from Wisconsin Governor Warren P. Knowles during a gathering in Lovell's honor. A model of the Apollo...

Astronaut Exhibit at Austin Straubel Airport

Date: 1965
Description: A traveling display about the NASA manned space program on exhibit at Austin Straubel Airport. Included in the exhibit is a model of a space capsule and a...

Senator Wiley with Senator Proxmire and Astronaut Donald K. Slayton

Date: May 28 1959
Description: Senators Alexander Wiley and William Proxmire posing with astronaut Donald K. Slayton and a model of a rocket.

Silvercup Rocket Pulled by International R-185 Roadliner

Date: March 1955
Description: Silvercup Rocket at the 1955 Michigan State Fair. Original caption reads: "An estimated 100,000 visitors thronged through 'Silver Moon' on its initial disp...

Protesters at Offutt Air Force Base

Date: 1986
Description: Stratcom action photo, with several protesters kneeling behind a line with soldiers on the other side. In the background are a fence, missile, rocket and t...

Home Made Rocket

Date: March 14 1958
Description: Overhead view of Bill Putnam (left) and Bill Diehl, juniors at Edgewood High School, with the two-stage rocket they made. They are awaiting permission to l...

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