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Lake Geneva Downtown Restaurants

Date: 1920
Description: Downtown view. On the left side of the street is a restaurant, a photography store, a drugstore, and an ice cream parlor. On the right side is another ice ...

Coffee Shop

Date: 05 1960
Description: Two women serving coffee to customers at a coffee shop. Richland Center, Wisconsin.

Sit-in at Lunch Counter

Date: 05 28 1963
Description: Civil rights sit-in at Woolworth's lunch counter. Seated at the counter from left to right are by John Salter, Joan Trumpauer, and Anne Moody. People pour ...

Rhythm Girls

Date: 06 25 1932
Description: Fanchon and Mario "Rhythm Girls" posing in front of an A&W Root Beer. They are standing in a line and holding mugs of root beer.

World's Largest Tire

Date: 11 02 1930
Description: Group of people, including dwarfs and midgets, posing with "the worlds largest tire" in front of the RKO Orpheum Theatre as part of a promotion for Goodyea...

Street Scene

Date: 1922
Description: View down main street with storefronts on both sides, with large power lines along the sidewalks stretching into the distance, and a hill in the background...

Dykman's Restaurant

Date: 10 12
Description: Exterior night view from street of Dykman's restaurant, located at 107 West Main Street. The door is open and stools are along a counter.

Hommel's Heidelberg Hofbrau Interior

Date: 11 11 1934
Description: Interior of Hommel's Restaurant, 20 West Mifflin Street, with interior decor reflected in the food counters, wood panelling, table settings, lighting and b...

State Street Neon Signs at Night

Date: 12 05 1930
Description: Night view looking down State Street from the intersection at North Carroll Street. Lighting up the scene are the blurred lights of automobiles moving alon...

Baldauf Drug Company

Description: Interior view of the modern grill room and postal station in the Baldauf Drug Company.

McDrum Drug Company

Description: Customers pose at the soda fountain counter.

Charles F. Tompkins Drugstore

Date: 1919
Description: Panoramic view showcasing impressive candy displays and a soda fountain in Tompkin's Drugstore on 63rd street.

Wilson's Drugstore

Date: 1911
Description: Interior view of soda fountain and confectionary, part of Wilson's Drugstore. Caption reads: "Wilson's Drugstore, Corpus Christi, Texas."

Optenberg Pharmacy

Description: Interior view of the Optenberg Pharmacy. On the left is a large candy counter, including a Russell Stover Candies display. A curved soda fountain counter i...

Cassidy Drugstore

Description: Employees stand near the soda fountain at the Cassidy Drugstore.

Sheehy's Pharmacy

Date: 02 20 1941
Description: Interior of Sheehy's Pharmacy. On the left is a lunch counter and soda fountain. Customer tables are to the right, surrounded by displays for toiletries su...

Gerding's Pharmacy Interior

Date: 12 1940
Description: Interior view of Gerding's Pharmacy. The soda fountain area is on the left, while both the cigar and dental displays are on the right.

Meyer's Pharmacy Soda Fountain

Date: 04 21 1942
Description: View of the soda fountain in Meyer's Pharmacy in Topeka. Advertisement premiums for Meadow Gold Ice Cream and Coca-Cola are featured prominently.

Saloon of the "Red Wing"

Description: The saloon of the sidewheel excursion, "Red Wing." Chairs are lined up against the walls, spittoon are on the floor, and tables are covered with tablecloth...

Lawrence Restaurant

Date: 11 28 1927
Description: View of the Lawrence Restaurant, located at 662 State Street.

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