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Prize-Winning Cabbage

Date: 09 28 1895
Description: Five-acre cabbage field of Martin Anderson near Grantsburg, with several frame houses in the background. Mr. Anderson is holding a prize-winning head of ca...

Garrick Theatre Interior

Date: 09 21 1934
Description: Garrick Theatre, 115 Monona Avenue. (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.) Interior, side view, of the theater being remodeled.

Steeplejacks Repointing Chimney

Date: 08 05 1931
Description: Steeplejacks Don Coffey, in the foreground, and Bruce Russell, in the cap, repointing the University of Wisconsin heating plant chimney. The photograph was...

Steeplejacks Repointing Chimney

Date: 08 05 1931
Description: Close-up of Don Coffey, in the foreground, and Bruce Russell, wearing the cap, steeplejacks repointing the University of Wisconsin heating plant chimney. P...

Franklin School Roof Construction

Date: 03 13 1930
Description: Franklin School, 305 West Lakeside Street, showing installation of novoid corkboard on the roof.

Surveying Fire Damage

Date: 1904
Description: In this photograph, probably taken during the early spring, cleanup of the damage to the Wisconsin State Capitol caused by the fire of February 26-27, 1904...

Ice-Damaged Railroad Bridge

Date: 04 04 1913
Description: Elevated view of the Soo Line train crossing a bridge over the Black River near Withee. The three x's indicate places where the bridge had been damaged by ...

Rothschild Residence Dining Room

Date: 09 05 1952
Description: Interior view of the dining room from west corner of the Joe & Leah Rothschild residence, 3722 Nakoma Road before remodelling.

Cocoon around "Wisconsin" Statue

Date: 10 1990
Description: Scaffolding enclosure around "Wisconsin" statue, at the Wisconsin State Capitol, during 1990 restoration and regilding of the sculpture.

Modernization in the SHSW Library

Date: 02 08 1955
Description: Scaffolding in the Wisconsin Historical Society Library Reading Room constructed for the replacement of the glass skylights and original light fixtures. On...

Remodeling 1374 Williamson St.

Date: 04 20 1950
Description: View across street towards two men working to remodel 1374 Williamson Street into William and Isabel Schlick's jewelry shop. Lloyd Foust was the general co...

Cornish Miner's Row

Date: 06 16 1962
Description: A row of historical homes, once owned by Cornish miners. Purchased by Robert Neal, the house on the left is undergoing restoration. Mr. Neal has also resto...

Copeland Opera House

Date: 2009
Description: Exterior view of Copeland Opera House from across street.

Copeland Opera House

Date: 01 2009
Description: Close-up of a portion of Copeland Opera House's cornice.

Idaho and Washington Northern Railroad Yard

Date: 1910
Description: A view of the railroad shipping yards of the Idaho and Washington Northern Railway. Included in the image are numerous buildings, workers, trees, and a bac...

International Model M Truck at Construction Site

Date: 1914
Description: A man is standing at the back of an International truck holding a small chest or case. Behind him a group of construction workers are working near the scaf...

Men at Construction Site

Date: 1913
Description: A man standing near the bed of an International Model M truck at a construction site. Behind him a group of construction workers are working near scaffoldi...

Belmont Hotel Window Painting

Date: 06 18 1952
Description: William F. Guethlein, Sauk City, resting on a scaffold on the Belmont Hotel, 31 North Pinckney Street. He has been repairing and painting the hotel windows...

The New Capitol, Columbia, S.C.

Date: 1866
Description: Construction on the new capitol building. A church is behind the construction.
Plate 52

Construction of Miles Glacier Bridge

Date: 04 19 1910
Description: View of the construction of Miles Glacier Bridge, constructed from 1909-1910. The bridge crosses the Copper River near mountains. Caption reads, "C.R. & N....

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