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International Scout Garbage Truck

Date: 1961
Description: International Scout truck with dump box loading refuse into a garbage truck in a suburban neighborhood.

Garbage Truck

Description: The Greendale Department of Public Works used this truck to collect trash.

Recycling Newspapers

Date: June 05 1971
Description: A young Cub Scout member of Pack 86 from Trinity Presbyterian Church hands newspapers he saved to an employee of Shapiro Paper and Metal Co. The task was p...

Young Children Play in Squalid Alley

Date: 1925
Description: Three young children playing with a wagon in a squalid alley between rows of impoverished houses. Trash and rubble litter the alley.

Sewage Disposal Plant and Settling Basins

Date: 1916
Description: The sewage disposal plant showing the settling basins and colloidal. The main pumping station for the sewage was situated near the Chicago, Milwaukee and S...

Proxmire Work Day

Date: June 30 1975
Description: Senator William Proxmire taking a lunch break during a workday spent collecting trash. These events kept Proxmire in touch with his Wisconsin constituents,...

Children on Curb with Uncollected Rubbish

Date: June 15 1948
Description: Uncollected garbage on South Hamilton Street being viewed by two children during a walkout strike by Local 236 Municipal Garage Department Union.
Book or Pamphlet

International Severe Service Refuse Trucks Brochure

Date: 1982
Description: Front cover of an advertising brochure for International "Severe Service Refuse" trucks. Features color illustrations of a garbage truck and a dump truck.

Boy with Tin Cans

Date: 1915
Description: A boy is standing behind a box of tin cans waiting to be carted to the dump. The boy is holding tin cans hanging from string in his hand.

Violet Feeney

Date: December 29 1947
Description: Mrs. John (Violet) Feeney demonstrating that she can not cram any more garbage into her garbage can because the city has not collected her garbage for nine...

Uncollected Rubbish on Capitol Square

Date: June 15 1948
Description: Uncollected garbage in bushel baskets on Capitol Square during a walkout strike by Local 236 Municipal Garage Department Union.

Uncollected Rubbish in Downtown Madison

Date: June 15 1948
Description: Uncollected garbage in the 300 block of West Main Street during a walkout strike by Local 236 Municipal Garage Department Union.

Garbage Disposal Plant

Date: 1924
Description: The smokestack is several inches out of plumb, which was the reason the photographer took the photograph. Located on a waterfront.

Spreading Rat Poison in Dump

Date: August 12 1948
Description: James L. Clarke (left) city health inspector, and Lewis B. Kelly (right) president of the Solvit Chemical Corp., are shown as they prepare to scatter the b...

Scattering Rat Poison in City Dump

Date: August 12 1948
Description: Two men are scattering barium carbonate rat poison in a city dump located at the end of Fern Drive off Highbury Road near University Avenue. The land was o...

Men Standing in Junkyard

Date: 1905
Description: Three men standing in a junkyard with piles of wheels, chairs, and other wooden items in the background near the side of a building. The ground is littered...

Trash Disposal

Date: March 14 1949
Description: Mrs. Edith Trowbridge, 4202 Mandan Cresent, pulls a ring on a string which opens a trap door to a metal-lined slide to a basement trash box under her sink...

Industrial Tractor with Pneumatic Tires

Date: August 17 1926
Description: A man uses a McCormick-Deering 10-20 industrial tractor equipped with pneumatic tires and Hercules vacuum brake system to pull a specially designed semi-tr...

Garbage Disposal Truck

Date: 1938
Description: Men load boxes onto an International D-300 truck owned by the City of Santa Ana. The truck was used for garbage removal. One man stands in the bed of the t...

International Garbage Truck

Date: May 17 1938
Description: Three men load garbage onto the back of an International DS-35 truck owned by the City of Louisville, while two men sit in the truck's cab. The truck is on...

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