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Bing Crosby Getting Into International Scout Pickup

Date: 1964
Description: Actor and singer Bing Crosby getting out of a drizzling rain and into an International Scout 4x4 pickup during his 23rd Annual Pro-Amateur Golf Championshi...

Women in the Rain

Date: 1900
Description: Three women in hats and long skirts walk with umbrellas in the rain.

Tree in Rain

Date: 05 20 1960
Description: Bare tree in the rain.

Carroll and Main Streets in the Rain

Date: 1954
Description: A rainy, nighttime view of the corner of Main and Carroll streets on the Capitol Square. The neon signs of the Prescription Pharmacy and the Park Hotel lig...

Ford Truck

Date: 11 18 1934
Description: Ford truck outside in the rain at the Madison Packing Company, located at 307 West Johnson Street.

Flooded Langdon Street

Date: 05 19 1933
Description: View of Langdon Street during flood from rain. A man is standing ankle deep in water.

Harvey's Women's Apparel Christmas Window

Date: 12 05 1930
Description: View from rainy street towards the Harvey's Women's Apparel complete display window, at 9 East Main Street.

Porcupine Mountains

Date: 1854
Description: Drawing of the Porcupine Mountains on Lake Superior.

The Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus and Flooded Road

Date: 05 30 1908
Description: The Great Wallace Shows, horses and wagons, were flooded out by a sudden cloudburst.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Date: 1944
Description: President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the rain during his presidential reelection campaign.

Soggy but Fun

Date: 08 03 1981
Description: Despite rain and fog, people turned out to enjoy a street festival sponsored by the Guadalupe Center at 239 W. Washington Street in Milwaukee. There were e...
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D.M. Osborne Harvesting Machines Catalog

Date: 1905
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for International Harvester's line of Osborne harvesting machinery. The color illustration shows a man and a woman standing...

Rainy Day

Description: A street scape with people holding umbrellas walking on a sidewalk in the rain. The street shows a business section, and there is a horse-drawn vehicle in ...

Wisconsin State Capitol

Date: 1935
Description: Exterior view of the Wisconsin State Capitol during a rain shower.

Capitol Square

Date: 1955
Description: Elevated view of Capitol Square, looking northwest up Carroll Street at its intersection with Main Street.

Children Playing in Flooded Street

Date: 06 14 1944
Description: Children in swimming suits playing in a miniature lake created by heavy rains in the area of Fox and Prospect Avenues.

Rainy Day Traffic

Date: 1941
Description: Automobile traffic, with a street railroad car in the background, on a rainy day.
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International School Bus Brochure

Date: 1981
Description: Front cover of a brochure advertising International Schoolmaster school buses. Features children boarding a bus in the rain. The children are wearing yello...

Holy Hour at Breese Stevens Field

Date: 09 09 1945
Description: Archbishop Moses E. Kiley of Milwaukee and other clergy at the altar on Breese Stevens Field celebrating Holy Hour. Intentions of the Holy Hour for this ye...

University of Wisconsin-Madison Meteorology Station

Date: 08 19 1947
Description: George R. Jenkins, assistant meteorologist, checking rain gauge on the roof of North Hall on University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus. The station started af...

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