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Soldiers' Orphans Home

Date: 1870
Description: Stereograph of Soldiers' Orphans Home, formerly Harvey Hospital. The octagon house was originally built for Governor Leonard J. Farwell and designed by Aug...

First Unemployment Check in Wisconsin

Date: 08 17 1936
Description: Neils Ruud, 824 E. Dayton Street, receiving the first unemployment compensation check issued in Wisconsin from Voyta Wrabetz, chairman of the state industr...

Salzburg Seminar

Date: 1962
Description: Arthur Altmeyer standing at a blackboard speaking at the Salzburg seminar in American studies.

Arthur J. Altmeyer (1891–1972) was the United States Commi...


Altmeyer and Signers of Medicare Bill

Date: 07 30 1965
Description: Caption reads: "Arthur Altmeyer poses outdoors with John Engell (last name?), Paul Douglas, and Oscar Ewing at the signing of the Medicare Bill." Arthur J....

UAW Advisory Committee on Guaranteed Annual Wage

Date: 1954
Description: Arthur Altmeyer poses with the other 19 members of the United Automobile Workers Advisory Committee on Guaranteed Annual Wage.

Altmeyer at Inter-American Conference on Social Security

Date: 1951
Description: Arthur Altmeyer speaking at the Inter-American Conference on Social Security, which took place in Buenes Aires. Eva Peron is seated to his left, wearing he...

Father Groppi Demonstration in Assembly Chamber

Date: 1969
Description: A welfare demonstration led by Father James Groppi (center) in the Wisconsin Assembly chambers.

Father Groppi Speaking in Assembly Chamber

Date: 1969
Description: Father James Groppi speaking at a demonstration at the Wisconsin State Capitol Assembly Chamber protesting welfare cuts. Father Groppi is seated on the lef...

Father Groppi and Protesters

Date: 1969
Description: Father James Groppi with his fist in the air at the Wisconsin State Capitol during welfare demonstrations.He is surrounded by other protesters.

Juliusspital Apotheke

Description: The palace-like Juliusspital was founded in 1576 by Prince Bishop Julius Echter as a refuge for the sick and the poor. The Rococo apothecary (reproduction ...

Dispersal of Fish

Date: 02 1935
Description: People receiving fish at a relief station in the wintertime.

Ethnic Pride Day

Date: 03 19 1989
Description: Children celebrating their heritage during Ethnic Pride Day at Our Savior's Lutheran Church Hall, 3022 West Wisconsin Avenue. The celebration, which highli...

Jens Jensen and Youths

Date: 1949
Description: Landscape architect Jens Jensen and youth from the Madison Youth Council at Glenwood Children's park on their clean-up work day. The park was planned and d...

Abandoned Toddlers

Date: 01 13 1965
Description: Toddlers looking into the camera with tears in their eyes. They were found abandoned at the Central YWCA.

Soldiers' Orphans' Home/Monona Academy

Date: 1877
Description: This building, on an entire block of Spaight and Brearly Streets with Lake Monona, was originally the governor's mansion for Leonard J. Farwell. The Farwel...

Governor Philip F. La Follette

Date: 11 24 1931
Description: Governor Philip F. La Follette delivers a special message on welfare relief to a special session of the legislature in the assembly chamber of the Wisconsi...

State Board of Control Office

Date: 1893
Description: Office of the State Board of Control of Wisconsin Reformatory, Charitable and Penal Institutions in the third Wisconsin State Capitol.

Elizabeth Wickenden

Date: 1960
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Professor Elizabeth Wickenden, professor of urban studies and technical consultant on public social policy to the Nationa...

Employment Office

Date: 1933
Description: Men looking for a job during the Great Depression waiting their turn in the Employment Office waiting room, while another man is sitting with a clerk and f...

Works Projects Administration at the Wisconsin State Fair

Date: 1938
Description: Fair-goers stand in line to enter the W.P.A. Exhibit tent at the Wisconsin State Fair.

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