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Giant Elm at Intersection of Green Bay and Good Hope Roads

Date: 1939
Description: A man is posing with his left hand resting on the trunk of the General Grant Giant Elm, S.E. of intersection of Green Bay and Good Hope Roads. At site of P...

MG&E Office Building

Date: May 26 1929
Description: The Madison Gas and Electric (MG&E) office building on the corner of North Fairchild and West Mifflin Streets. The Bedford limestone building was designed...

Milwaukee Exchange

Date: 1883
Description: Women switchboard operators at the sole Milwaukee telephone exchange.

Wisconsin Power and Light Building in Madison

Date: 1935
Description: View of the Wisconsin Power & Light Company Building, 122 West Washington Avenue on the corner of Fairchild Street. Helstrom's Pharmacy occupies a large po...

Sewage Disposal Plant's Sprinkling Filters

Date: 1916
Description: The sprinkling filters under construction at the sewage disposal plant.

Sewage Disposal Plant and Settling Basins

Date: 1916
Description: The sewage disposal plant showing the settling basins and colloidal. The main pumping station for the sewage was situated near the Chicago, Milwaukee and S...

Wisconsin Power & Light Company Veteran Employees

Date: April 11 1946
Description: Speaker's table of Veteran Employees banquet, Wisconsin Power & Light Company, at the Hotel Loraine.

Chart of Industrial Expansion of Southern States

Date: September 24 1945
Description: Man pointing to a chart of Tennessee's industrial expansion compared with eight other southern states for 1938 and 1939. The photograph was taken for Wisco...

Dane County Electric Co. Window Display

Date: March 17 1927
Description: Dane County Electric Co. display window, showing a Delco Light washing machine and Frigidaire refrigerator, at 112 King Street.

Madison Water Works

Date: 1900
Description: The Madison City Water Works pumping station at the intersection of Gorham and Livingston which provided pressure to the city's mains. A group of people st...

The First Incandescent Central Station

Date: 1882
Description: Cutaway view of the building that housed the first electrical station created to distribute incandescent light electricity.

Early Electrical Switchboard

Date: 1882
Description: A man shows off an incandescent lamp switchboard with bamboo filiament, lamp receptacle with wooden base, current and pressure indicators and controlling d...

Electric Light & Power Company

Date: 1922
Description: Appleton Wisconsin Electric Light and Power Plant, 1922. Switchboard equipment of the plant, which began operating in September of 1822, is at the State Hi...

Madison Gas & Electric Company Power Plant

Date: August 05 1953
Description: Madison Gas & Electric Company Steam Turbine Station and Substation, 115 South Blount Street, view from South Livingston Street.

Madison Gas & Electric Company Electric Power Plant

Date: June 20 1961
Description: Exterior view of Madison Gas & Electric Company Blount Street electric power plant. View includes power plant, smokestacks, electric-line towers, and cars...

Cornell Dam and Powerhouse

Date: 1913
Description: Dam and hydroelectric power house, with a billowing smokestack and a crane in the background.

Main Street

Date: 1910
Description: Main Street when it was still a dirt road. Several businesses line the street and large utility poles run the length of it.

Cobblestone Hotel

Date: May 16 1932
Description: View of the hotel with a telephone pole in front of it, and a parked truck on the right side of the image. One sign on the hotel says, "The Cobblestone Ho...

Barstow Street

Date: 1905
Description: View of commercial buildings. One of the buildings says, "Fleming's Jewelry Store" on the side. Several of the buildings have awnings hanging from them. A...

First Congregational Church and O.H. Ingram Residence

Description: View down a street of the later rendition of the church, with the O.H. Ingram residence behind it and to the right of the image.

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