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Father Groppi Demonstration in Assembly Chamber

Date: 1969
Description: A welfare demonstration led by Father James Groppi (center) in the Wisconsin Assembly chambers.

Father Groppi Speaking in Assembly Chamber

Date: 1969
Description: Father James Groppi speaking at a demonstration at the Wisconsin State Capitol Assembly Chamber protesting welfare cuts. Father Groppi is seated on the lef...

Children and Adults Engaged in Yard Work

Date: 02 20 1915
Description: A woman and boy are using "sedge brush" brooms to sweep a dirt yard as two women — possibly social workers or Agricultural Extension employees — look on. A...

Street Musician with Violin and Dog

Date: 1915
Description: A street musician named Frank Ritter playing violin on a city sidewalk (possibly in Chicago), with a dog leashed to his belt. A tin cup is attached to the ...

Small Town in Poor Farming Country

Description: People assembled at storefront along the street of a small town in "poor farming country."

Children at Play in Chicago Alley

Date: 07 1923
Description: Children at play in a dirt alley on Chicago's west side.

Impoverished African American Children

Date: 02 25 1915
Description: Five impoverished and disheveled-looking African American children sitting on the ground near their home. Original caption reads: "These five little Negro ...

Former Slave Sitting on Porch

Date: 02 13 1915
Description: African-American man and woman on the front porch of a rural home. The unidentified woman is retrieving water from a well, and the man, J.R. Dean, is sitti...

Boy Pushing Baby Carriage along Street

Description: Dirty and disheveled boy with no shoes standing in the street with a baby carriage.

Young Children Play in Squalid Alley

Date: 1925
Description: Three young children playing with a wagon in a squalid alley between rows of impoverished houses. Trash and rubble litter the alley.

Group Portrait of African Americans in front of Building

Date: 02 17 1915
Description: Group portrait of African American children and adults posing in front of a run-down building with a stone chimney — possibly a rural school house.

Women and Children in Field with Walking Plow

Date: 02 22 1915
Description: Two women and two young girls in a field with an ox-driven walking plow. Original caption reads: "This picture was not taken in Egypt nor India nor Africa ...

Chris Copus Family

Date: 10 29 1934
Description: Portrait of seven of the twelve members of the Chris Copus family standing beside a pot belly stove in their makeshift garage home on Roth Street. They wer...

Mrs. Hugh O'Neill

Date: 11 28 1933
Description: Portrait of elderly Mrs. Hugh O'Neill, lying in bed after losing her life savings of $610, which had been in a bag pinned to her undergarments. 917 Chandle...

Governor Philip F. La Follette

Date: 11 24 1931
Description: Governor Philip F. La Follette delivers a special message on welfare relief to a special session of the legislature in the assembly chamber of the Wisconsi...


Date: 09 02 1930
Description: Dilapidated backyard at Milwaukee amd N. Bryan Street next to Madison Builders Supply.

Mexican Migrant Workers

Date: 07 15 1948
Description: A Mexican woman and her six children are standing on the porch of the multiple-family housing provided to them by the pea cannery for which their husband a...

Alley with Litter

Date: 1925
Description: Squalid, littered alley. Tire tracks run through the mud between wooden buildings.

Fair Housing March

Date: 08 29 1966
Description: Father James Groppi leading a fair housing march.

Abraham Schmocker Seated Outside His Log Cabin

Date: 1885
Description: Abraham Schmocker, a "hermit" who lived in "Stumptown" near Alma, seated on a bench outside his log cabin, holding a kitty.

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