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Teenagers Listening to WVLR at the Eagle's Nest

Date: 1965
Description: Teenagers studying and playing pool at the Eagle's Nest, a popular teen hangout in downtown Sauk-Prairie. The Eagle's Nest had a juke-box, but the WVLR (Wi...

Licari Tire Co.

Date: 03 04 1932
Description: Exterior of the J.R. Licari & Son garage, located at 767 West Washington Avenue. The view also includes Trotters Billiards, located at 763 West Washington ...

Billiard Room at Deering Works Club House

Date: 02 19 1910
Description: Eight gentlemen playing billiards inside the Deering Works (factory) club house. The factory was originally built by William Deering for the Deering Harves...

Loyd G. Harris Family

Description: Portrait of Loyd G. Harris and family holding pool cues.

Wisconsin State Hospital for the Insane Billiards Room

Date: 1893
Description: A game room with chairs, a pool table, a rack for cue sticks, and a table with checker board and deck of cards is available for patients' recreation at the...

Pool Room Storefront

Date: 1915
Description: An abandoned pool room at 912 Williamson Street.

Pool Players, Wisconsin Telephone Company Lounge

Date: 03 09 1954
Description: Five men employees play pool in the Pioneer Lounge, Wisconsin Telephone Company, 122 West Main Street, with four women observing.

Masonic Temple Club Rooms

Date: 08 29 1954
Description: Club room, with billiard tables, at the Masonic Temple, 301 Wisconsin Avenue.

Main Street

Date: 1905
Description: View of the east side of Main Street, featuring a book and stationery store and a pool hall. Caption reads: "East Side of Main Street, Viroqua, Wis."

Health and Safety Poster on McCormick Club House

Date: 1916
Description: Poster or signboard with the title: "McCormick Club House - Here Physical, Mental and Moral Sides of Employee are Developed Equally." Includes images of th...

Shooting Pool in a Shed

Date: 1921
Description: A man plays a game of pool in a cabin or shed. A wood-burning furnace is in the background.

Pool Room at McCormick Works Club House

Date: 1931
Description: Room in the McCormick Works Club House with pool [billiard] tables. The Club House was designed for recreational use by factory employees.

Robert Bloch and Milt Gelman: Ball in Mouth

Description: One of a series of humorous photographs of a billiards match Gauer was trying to market to a magazine. Eventually sold to Cheers magazine.

Robert Bloch and Milt Gelman Play Pool

Description: Milt Gelmand and Robert Bloch play a humorous game of pool. From a set of pictures that was eventually sold to Cheers humor magazine.

Stevens Point Public Library

Description: Interior view of the Stevens Point Public Library. The library opened in 1904 and was funded by a $22,000 donation from Andrew Carnegie. In the room is a p...

Stevens Point Public Library

Description: Interior view of the Stevens Point Public Library. The library opened in 1904 and was funded by a $22,000 donation from Andrew Carnegie. Young boys are pla...

Loft Tournament Winners

Date: 01 24 1951
Description: Three trophy winners in various tournaments and contests held at the Loft during its annual anniversary celebration sit around a table with their prizes. T...

Older Adult Klub Activities

Date: 02 13 1951
Description: C.R. Cripps watching his friend J.W. Brown line up a shot during a game of pool at the Madison Community Center during a gathering of the Older Adult Klub.

West Side of Square

Date: 1911
Description: View of the West side of the town square. Automobiles, horse-drawn carts, pedestrians and a fountain can be seen. The street is lined with storefronts incl...

North on Locust Street

Date: 1910
Description: Northern view of the Locust Street business district. A horse-drawn cart and storefronts are visible. Business signs read: "Electric Light & Power" "Steads...

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