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Victor Berger Campaign Poster

Date: 1918
Description: Campaign poster for Victor Berger (1860-1929), U.S. Senatorial campaign. This large poster documents Berger's campaign for United States Senate in a specia...

Father Groppi and Demonstrators

Date: 1968
Description: Father James Groppi (1930-) and school desegregation demonstrators marching in Milwaukee holding signs that read "Stop School Segregation".

Reward for Runaway Slaves

Date: 04 19 1849
Description: Poster offering $600 reward for the return of three runaway slaves in Calvert County, Maryland. The three slaves are Henry Morsell, Jim Parker, and Bill Hu...

Anti-Slave Catchers' Mass Convention

Date: 04 1854
Description: Poster advertising an Anti-Slave Catchers' Mass Convention at Young's Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 13th, 1854. The poster attempts to unite indivi...

Anti-Woman Suffrage Poster

Date: 1912
Description: Anti-woman suffrage poster that reads: "Danger! Women's Suffrage would double the irresponsible vote! It is a menace to the Home, Men's Employment and All ...

The National American Woman Suffrage Association

Date: 02 1916
Description: Round and oval-framed portraits of nine newly elected officers of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. The officers are Mrs. Frank M. Roessing...

School Desegregation Pickets

Date: 1964
Description: A woman and child carry CORE picket signs protesting school segregation.

Daisy Bates at Woolworth's Boycott

Date: 1962
Description: Daisy Bates and others at Woolworth's boycott.

I Will Vote

Description: Engraving of a woman (a suffragist) dressed in costume derived from classical mythology, and underneath is the slogan: "I Will Vote."

Anti-Civil Rights Protester

Description: American Nazi protesting the rights of African Americans.

Mock Convention

Date: 11 01 1968
Description: A mock presidential political convention at a middle school.

Rally for John F. Kennedy

Date: 10 23 1960
Description: View of audience at a rally for John F. Kennedy for president.

Buy Bonds!

Description: Display that advertises the sale of U.S. Savings Bonds through the Payroll Savings Plan or the Bond-a-Month-Plan. Wisconsin State Governor Walter J. Kohler...

Nixon/Lodge Supporters

Date: 1960
Description: Campaigners for the 1960 Republican ticket of Richard M. Nixon for president and Henry Cabot Lodge for vice-president.

Peace Through Victory

Date: 01 19 1968
Description: Protesters, members of the Milwaukee Americans for Freedom, demonstrate against presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy and in favor of the Vietnam war.

William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt

Date: 1899
Description: Campaign poster with the title "Posterity" for Theodore Roosevelt and William McKinley featuring their portraits, and an illustration of a woman holding a ...

Democratic Candidates poster

Date: 1922
Description: Poster for "Democratic Candidates Kept Off the Ticket" for "Election Tuesday Nov. 7, 1922." Candidates and their photos include: Joseph R. Pfiffner, Emil T...

Verona for McGovern

Date: 10 1972
Description: The Verona, Wisconsin, headquarters for the George McGovern/Sargent Shriver presidential campaign gets a new sign.

Democratic Headquarters on Wheels

Date: 10 1972
Description: A camping trailer serves as the Monroe County, Wisconsin Democratic party and McGovern campaign headquarters during the 1972 presidential race.

Hammersley for Governor Campaigners

Date: 11 03 1930
Description: Mr. Cranefield and another man posing with a campaign sign in support of Hammersley for Governor of Wisconsin. One man is sitting in the driver's seat, and...

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