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South American Grain Drill Advertising Poster

Date: 1930
Description: South American advertising poster for Deering horse-drawn and tractor-drawn grain drills distributed by International Harvester Company Argentina. Imprinte...

Alexander Lake's Nursery

Date: 1896
Description: A boy and a man are holding up small white pine trees, while workers are planting them at Alexander Lake's nursery. In the background are horses and wagons...

Forest Nursery

Date: 1951
Description: Aerial view of the Nekoosa-Edwards Paper Company nursery.

Moguah Unit Planting Crew

Date: 1930
Description: Moguah Unit Planting Crew at work.

White Pine Forest

Description: View of White Pine Forest in Flambeau State Park.

Nicolet National Forest

Date: 01 01 1934
Description: Man in uniform leaning up against the base of a large tree.

Hoosier Planter Advertising Poster

Date: 1914
Description: Advertising poster for Hoosier planters made by the American Seeding-Machine Company and sold by International Harvester. Features a color illustration. Th...

International Corn Planter Poster

Date: 1919
Description: South American advertising poster for International corn planters featuring color illustrations of the implement. Printed by Rolland & Carqueville Co. of C...

International Disk Drill Poster

Date: 1920
Description: South American advertising poster for the International disk drills (grain drills) featuring color illustrations of the implement. Printed by Walter M. Car...

Horse-Drawn McCormick-Deering Grain Drill

Date: 06 18 1937
Description: Mr. Shansky using a 20-run four-horse McCormick-Deering grain drill on his 300-acre farm in Transcona, Manitoba, Canada.

Valley with Grain Field

Date: 07 12 1964
Description: Elevated view of valley with strip-planted grain field.

Farm Wife Brings Lunch to Her Husband in the Field

Date: 1970
Description: Ingrid Bengtson bringing lunch to the field to help her husband, Norman, get the planting done faster. They are having lunch on top of the McCormick Intern...

Futuristic McCormick Tractor and Planter

Description: Industrial artist's color rendering of what a McCormick Farmall four-wheel tractor and planter of the future may look like ("future farm machines"). The "t...

Farmer with Horse-Drawn Corn Planter

Date: 1916
Description: Farmer operating an International Harvester corn planter with fertilizer attachment drawn by two horses or donkeys. The photograph was taken for, or compil...

"No More Crooked Rows"

Description: Inside spread of 4-page advertising brochure for Fuller & Johnson Mfg. Co. Limited with a chromolithograph of a Bonanza Forge Drop planter, "The only perfe...

McCormick-Deering Grain Drill Advertising Poster

Date: 1928
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick-Deering grain drills. Includes an illustration of a farmer operating a Farmall Regular tractor and a grain drill at night....

F-12 Tractor and African American Field Workers

Date: 04 10 1935
Description: African American field worker levels the ground with a McCormick-Deering F-12 tractor and a rotary scraper in preparation for planting a new crop of celery...

McKay Nursery Field

Date: 05 07 1937
Description: McKay Nursery field with men planting, and horse teams pulling cultivators.

Display Booth at the Fair

Date: 08 29 1926
Description: L.L. Olds Seed Company display booth of flowers and seeds at Wisconsin State Fair.

Seed Corn Experiment

Date: 1926
Description: Field of seed corn experiment.

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