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First Unemployment Check in Wisconsin

Date: August 17 1936
Description: Neils Ruud, 824 E. Dayton Street, receiving the first unemployment compensation check issued in Wisconsin from Voyta Wrabetz, chairman of the state industr...

Salzburg Seminar

Date: 1962
Description: Arthur Altmeyer standing at a blackboard speaking at the Salzburg seminar in American studies.

Arthur J. Altmeyer (1891–1972) was the United States Commi...


Altmeyer and Signers of Medicare Bill

Date: July 30 1965
Description: Caption reads: "Arthur Altmeyer poses outdoors with John Engell (last name?), Paul Douglas, and Oscar Ewing at the signing of the Medicare Bill." Arthur...

Young Arthur Altmeyer and Friends

Description: Outdoor group portrait of Arthur Altmeyer as a young man posing in Wingra Park with five other young people identified as Selma, Russell, Lloyd, May Wescot...

UAW Advisory Committee on Guaranteed Annual Wage

Date: 1954
Description: Arthur Altmeyer poses with the other 19 members of the United Automobile Workers Advisory Committee on Guaranteed Annual Wage.

Altmeyer at Inter-American Conference on Social Security

Date: 1951
Description: Arthur Altmeyer speaking at the Inter-American Conference on Social Security, which took place in Buenes Aires. Eva Peron is seated to his left, wearing he...

Elizabeth Wickenden

Date: 1960
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Professor Elizabeth Wickenden, professor of urban studies and technical consultant on public social policy to the Nationa...

Sydney S. Miller

Date: March 14 1945
Description: Portrait of Sydney S. Miller, manager of the Madison field office of the United States Social Security Administration.

Arthur M. Altmeyer

Description: Formal portrait of Arthur Altmeyer as Chairman of the Social Security Board.

FDR Signs the Social Security Bill

Date: August 14 1935
Description: President Franklin D. Roosevelt about to sign the Social Security Act of 1935.

Edwin E. Witte

Date: 1928
Description: Portrait of Edwin Witte, chief of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Service from 1922-1933.

While the executive director of the President's Committee o...


Dr. Francis Townsend

Date: 1938
Description: Dr. Francis E. Townsend seated on the platform of a Townsend Plan Club at a park.

Madison Social Security Office Manager

Date: October 08 1950
Description: Sydney S. Miller, manager of the Madison Social Security Office, shares a 1950 government-issued booklet explaining a program to employers of household wor...

Sears, Roebuck, and Company Profit Sharing

Date: February 15 1952
Description: Store manager Robert H. Anderson (left) hands out statements for the 1951 profits to six of the Sears, Roebuck, and Company employees who are members of th...

IH Demonstration Farm at Gull Lake

Date: December 1928
Description: Cameramen staging a shot of a man and woman on a Farmall Regular tractor in front of farmhouse at an International Harvester demonstration farm in Gull Lak...

Local Resident Pickets at Kroger Store

Date: 1969
Description: Picketers on the sidewalk in front of a Kroger supermarket in Oshkosh demonstrating for and against the grape boycott. Signs read, "Eat Grapes Best Medicin...

Edwin E. Witte

Date: 1922
Description: A studio portrait of Edwin Witte as a young man.

Sears Profit Sharing Employees

Date: February 18 1956
Description: Group portrait of the nine members longest in standing in the Madison Sears, Roebuck and Company "savings and profit-sharing pension fund." They are, left...

Eydie V. Watts

Description: Photograph of Eydie V. Watts, member of the Milwaukee City Civil Service Commssion. Ms. Watts sits at her desk in an office. She is wearing a dress or blou...

Edwin E. Witte

Description: Waist-up portrait of Dr. Edwin Witte, considered the father of Social Security, Executive Director of the Executive Staff to the Committee on Economic Secu...

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