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Wilkins 11: The Deserted Pawnee Village

Date: 05 1849
Description: Deserted Pawnee village in Nebraska. Sketched by Wilkins on his 151-day journey from Missouri to California on the Overland Trail (also known as the Oregon...

North American Indians

Date: 1844
Description: Portrait of North American Indians (Plate 1).

"The group in Plate No. 1 is composed of three Portraits from my collection, representing three different t...


Portrait of Lisha-Lalahikots

Date: 03 1900
Description: Portrait (front) of Lisha-Lalahikots (Brave Chief) with peace medal and horned headdress. Part of Caddoan and Pawnee Tribes.

Portrait of Ray-Tah-Cotz-Tay-Sah

Date: 02 1902
Description: Portrait (Front) of Ray-Tah-Cotz-Tay-Sah (Roaming Chief) in partial native dress with peace medal, bear claw necklace. Part of Caddoan and Pawnee Tribes.

Portrait of Tah-He-Rus-Sah-We-Cha

Date: 1900
Description: Studio portrait of Tah-He-Rus-Sah-We-Cha (Sitting Bull), priest, Pawnee. Part of Caddoan and Pawnee Tribes.

Portrait of Tskararalisin

Date: 1900
Description: Studio portrait of Tskararalisin (Eagle Chief) in native dress with peace medal and ornaments. Part of Caddoan and Pawnee Tribes.
Book or Pamphlet

Pawnee Torture

Date: 1884
Description: A engraving of the artist's conception of Pawnees torturing a female captive in the Morning Star Sacrifice ceremony.

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