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Madison Civic Orchestra

Date: 11 17 1932
Description: The Madison Civic Orchestra poses onstage after the Parkway concert.

Chanticleer Building

Date: 02 21 1930
Description: Chanticleer Orchestra managers, each with a dog at his side, sitting on the front steps of a building with an awning overhead that reads "Chanticleer."

Armond Huseboe Orchestra

Date: 04 08 1944
Description: Six musicians, four standing and two seated, of the Armond Huseboe orchestra.

Holy Redeemer School Orchestra

Date: 06 09 1943
Description: Holy Redeemer School orchestra members posing with their instruments in front of and on a stage.

Madison Civic Orchestra

Date: 12 1937
Description: Elevated view of the Madison Civic Orchestra on stage in the Masonic Temple in concert dress with instruments.

Art Fields Orchestra

Date: 11 27 1937
Description: Group portrait of eight men in formal dress, the Art Fields orchestra. One man (Art Fields?) is holding a trumpet.

Madison Concert Orchestra

Date: 08 29 1937
Description: Madison Concert Orchestra members with their instruments seated on a "stage" under trees at Vilas Park. The conductor is standing in front. Groups of U.S. ...

East High School Orchestra

Date: 05 24 1937
Description: Group portrait of East High School orchestra members standing on risers holding their instruments.

Benny Meroff Orchestra Poster

Date: 02 24 1937
Description: Advertising poster for Benny Meroff and his NBC Orchestra and Revue, with eight drawings, and photographs of performers.

Dancing in Club 22 Park Hotel

Date: 03 01 1936
Description: Couples dancing, eating and drinking in Club 22 at the Park Hotel. Also shows orchestra and singer.

Park Hotel Club 22 Orchestra

Date: 02 12 1936
Description: Park Hotel Club 22 orchestra, showing five musicians with instruments on a small stage.

Music Contest Judges

Date: 05 16 1935
Description: Group portrait of 13 judges and officials of the sixth annual National High School orchestra, solo and ensemble contest, at a table at the Loraine Hotel.

Emerson School Orchestra

Date: 02 27 1935
Description: Group portrait of Emerson School orchestra members with small instruments.

Brandy's Orchestra

Date: 01 14 1935
Description: Group portrait of Brandy's Orchestra at the Loraine Hotel lounge.

Hills Department Store Orchestra

Date: 05 26 1934
Description: Group portrait of twelve men who are members of the Hills Department Store orchestra.

Clarence Fehling's Old Timer's Orchestra

Date: 05 22 1933
Description: Group portrait of musicians and their instruments in Clarence Fehling's Old Timer's Orchestra, which will play for a benefit dance at East High School for ...

Central High School Orchestra

Date: 04 26 1933
Description: Elevated view of the Central High School orchestra on stage, with a few observers.

Howard Metzger's Orchestra

Date: 01 09 1933
Description: Howard Metzger leading the Howard Metzger's recording orchestra who are sitting on a stage behind music stands, holding instruments. The stage is decorated...

Orchestra in Pit

Date: 03 25 1932
Description: Orchestra sitting under an awning at the Chanticleer ballroom.

Orchestra in Pit

Date: 03 25 1932
Description: Men in the orchestra are standing in a row posing at the Chanticleer ballroom.

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