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Lake View Tuberculosis Sanitarium

Date: April 27 1931
Description: Lake View TB Sanitarium operating room. There is a large window along the back wall.

Operating Room

Date: 1911
Description: Doctors and nurses surround a patient on a gurney in an operating room at Stobhill General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.

Fort Hill

Date: 1902
Description: Confederate "Fort Hill" on the south side of Jackson Road where the Confederate entrenchments run southward. The Siege of Vicksburg lasted from May to July...

Operating Room at the United States Naval Hospital

Description: Interior of an operating room at the United States Naval Hospital, established in 1834 on the original site of Fort Nelson. The view includes operating ta...

Operating Room at Saint Mary's Hospital

Date: 1920
Description: Interior of an operating room at Saint Mary's Hospital, completed May 18, 1859 and designed by Anthony Bley. An operating table, lights, and other surgical...

Madison General Hospital Addition

Date: July 14 1952
Description: View of the new operating room in the Madison General Hospital addition, showing the lights and equipment.

Madison General Hospital Operating Room

Date: May 13 1953
Description: View of a surgical procedure in process at Madison General Hospital. Student nurses are observing from a glassed-in gallery at the rear.

Students Tour Hospital Delivery Room

Date: January 23 1968
Description: Students wearing face masks and sterile gowns visit the delivery room at Doctors Hospital as part of a family living class. The student on the right who is...

Operating Table at Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled

Description: The operating table at the Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled.
Historical Object

Wisconsin Thematic Panel 690-696

Description: For any master line drawn fine enough or spoken well
let us call all professionals to wear the laurel
and deck the Halls of Fame

Lon Chaney and Raymond McKee in a scene still

Date: 1922
Description: In a medical operating room, Robert Sandell (played by Raymond McKee) is shocked by what he has read in the notepad that the Hunchback (Lon Chaney) has giv...
Book or Pamphlet

Holy Family Hospital, Operating Room

Date: 1901
Description: View of the brightly lit, tiled floor operating room. Cast-iron furniture includes an operating table, with a slanted central opening for drainage of fluid...

Game Farm Laboratory

Date: October 1935
Description: A man wearing a white surgical gown and gloves is standing at a surgical table. He is performing a necropsy on a small animal. There is a double basin stan...

Cuba City Hospital and Clinic

Date: February 02 1954
Description: Surgeon Dr. K.K. Rossmann preparing for surgery at the Cuba City Hospital and Clinic. He is scrubbed up for the operating room in his gloves, hat and robe....

Cuba City Hospital and Clinic

Date: February 02 1954
Description: The operating room at the Cuba City Hospital and Clinic.

Madison General Hospital, Operating Room, Surgical Department

Description: Interior view of a naturally lit operating room furnished with gurneys and tables for medical equipment.

Typical Day of a Student Nurse

Date: January 03 1958
Description: Student nurse, Mary Jo Oxem (left) in surgical garb assisting a surgeon in an operating room. As one of the 125 students of St. Mary's School of Nursing, s...

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