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Map Sampler

Date: 1809
Description: Embroidered sampler of a map of the United States.

Chief Oshkosh

Date: 1850
Description: Drawing of Chief Oshkosh rendered from a daguerreotype by J.F. Harrison. He is wearing a top hat wrapped with a ribbon. Also a suitcoat, bowtie, beaded nec...

K. Doxstad Family and Reverend Erik Jensen

Description: The K. Doxstad family is posed in their yard around a table covered with heavy books. A baby carriage is on the left and an older woman with her knitting i...

Ole Wettlesen Family

Date: 1874
Description: The Ole Wettlesen family poses in the yard in front of a picket fence with women knitting. Two standing men appear to be examining an unfolded map. The fra...

Woman Knitting with Family

Date: 1876
Description: Family around table in yard. Four women, three men, and four children. The woman at far left is knitting, and on the far right is a dog. In the background...

Family around Table Outdoors

Date: 1877
Description: A large family is posed in the front yard around a table set with a white cloth and glassware, before a two-story bracket style house with a hip roof. The...

Hill's Sewing & Needlework Window Display

Date: February 22 1952
Description: Hill's Department Store, 202 State Street, sewing display window including three female mannequins, fabric, dress patterns, and two signs stating "You Save...

East Side Women's Club Hobby Show

Date: November 13 1956
Description: Marie Ellis knitting ski sweaters at the East Side Women's Hobby Show.

Woman Crocheting

Date: June 08 1955
Description: Mrs. Friede (?) sits in a chair while crocheting a doily.

Consecration of Bishop Weller as Bishop Coadjutor

Date: November 08 1900
Description: Consecration of Bishop Weller as Bishop Coadjutor, Diocese of Fund du Lac. Three Bishops seated, l to r: Bishop Nicholson of Milwaukee; Bishop Grafton of F...

Mrs. Charles C. (Alice) Long and Flag

Date: June 27 1945
Description: Mrs. Charles C. (Alice) Long is shown with the flag she crocheted for her son, Lieutenant Commander H.W. Christensen, who is a surgeon, serving in the Paci...

Woman Knitting Near Window

Date: 1898
Description: Elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair knitting in front of a window.

Ada Bass Crocheting with Llora

Date: 1900
Description: Ada Bass sitting in a rocking chair while crocheting. Sitting across from her is a woman identified as Llora, who is reading. There is a replica of a cat p...

Mary Gillin

Date: December 13 1947
Description: Portrait of Mrs. John L. (Mary) Gillin, 2211 Chamberlain Avenue, seated in a chair knitting for the State Journal Empty Stocking Club.

Beaded Baby Bonnet

Date: 1856
Description: Knitted baby bonnet made with tan cotton yarn and decorated with glass beads.

Baby Booties

Date: 1905
Description: Baby booties knitted of pink wool yarn.

Blue Baby Mittens

Date: 1827
Description: Baby mittens knitted of blue and white wool yarn.

Ecru, Red and Pink Baby Mittens

Date: 1847
Description: Baby mittens knitted of ecru, red and pink wool yarn.

Child's Slippers

Date: 1900
Description: Child's slippers, with ribbon ties, knitted of ecru and blue wool yarn.

Knitted Petticoat

Date: 1885
Description: Petticoat knitted of yellow, pink, blue, black, and white wool yarn, with a ribbon belt.

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