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Free The Hollywood Ten

Date: 10 28 1947
Description: Several members of the screenwriters and directors known as the "Hollywood Ten," together with members of their families at a demonstration before their im...

William H. Brogan (?)

Date: 02 05 1945
Description: Portrait of William H. Brogan (?) with a Chicago and Northwestern Railroad calendar on the wall, seated at a desk.

Madison Theater Guild Cast

Date: 03 20 1947
Description: Madison Theater Guild cast members for "Mr. and Mrs. North" are, left to right, Paul Hunter, Jr., Rachel Steensland, Junius Eddy, Gardenia Kross, and Glenn...

WHA Radio Station

Date: 01 1948
Description: Supervising a WHA radio broadcast are Karl Schmidt, dramatic producer, and Ernest Engberg, studio operator. They are sitting at a desk in front of a window...

WHA Radio Station Program

Date: 01 1948
Description: Dr. Robert West, director of the University of Wisconsin speech clinic, and Martha Heffernen, psychologist, broadcast the WHA radio station "Our Children" ...

Youth Radio Workshop

Date: 02 07 1948
Description: Betty Booth, associate editor of Seventeen magazine, being interviewed by Madison high school students on the Madison Youth Radio Workshop program b...

Wisconsin High School Student Activity

Date: 02 14 1951
Description: Members of an advanced speech class of Wisconsin High School write a script for a movie they will make on the need for driver's education.

“Your Boy In The Movies!” See Him in Uniform in the Red Triangle

Date: 1918
Description: Poster featuring an illustration of a large triangle made of up soldiers standing in tight formation. In the middle is a large "Y." A sailor is on the righ...

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