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Filming of McCormick-Deering Tractor

Date: 1934
Description: Cameraman and sound operator from Paramount Sound News on top of a truck filming a demonstration of the McCormick-Deering O-12 radio-controlled tractor and...

Farmall 656 Tractor on the Set of "Mayberry RFD"

Date: 02 1969
Description: Actor Ken Berry and actress Marianna Hill with a Farmall 656 tractor on the set of the television show "Mayberry RFD". The tractor was a prop for the episo...

Filming "Design for Life"

Date: 1955
Description: The camera moves in on a retail pharmacy scene in "Design for Life", a film produced by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and the American F...

Cameraman Filming Tractor in Action

Date: 02 04 1929
Description: Cameraman riding on a platform pulled by a McCormick-Deering tractor. The man appears to be filming the tractor while it is in motion.

Camera Crew Films Farmers Harvesting Corn

Date: 09 20 1928
Description: Camera crew from the Cloud County Farm Bureau filming farmers harvesting corn with a Farmall tractor. An International truck used by the crew is parked to ...

Evangelist with Movie Projector

Description: Rural evangelist John E. Zoller with a Zenith projector and stereopticon with a DeVry generator used during sermons. Original caption reads: "We show excel...

Filming from an International C-1 Station Wagon

Date: 08 11 1936
Description: Four-man crew demonstrating their filming techniques with an International C-1 wood-paneled ("woody") station wagon in front of Metropolitan Studios. The c...

On the set of "Youth Takes a Fling"

Date: 11 08 1938
Description: Cast and crew setting up a shot for the film "Youth Takes a Fling" starring Andrea Leeds and Joel McCrea. An International D-series panel truck was used in...

Shooting Movie in Wisconsin Supreme Courtroom

Date: 02 23 1931
Description: Shooting movie in Wisconsin Supreme Courtroom in the Wisconsin State Capitol building.

Directing a Movie

Date: 04 17 1928
Description: Mr. Sutton and Fay directing a scene for the movie "American Girl." Eight people are standing in front of an Oakland automobile and airplane, and four more...

Directing a Movie

Date: 04 17 1928
Description: Mr. Sutton and Fay directing a scene for the movie "American Girl." Three people are standing in front of an automobile parked next to an airplane at Pennc...

Filming a "Home Economics" Scene

Date: 1925
Description: Mr. Hyde and Miss Wigent filming a woman and child while the woman is filling pails with water from a hand-pump. The original caption reads: "Taking footag...

Filming of "Romance of the Reaper" at Walnut Grove

Date: 1930
Description: Film crew setting up a scene in which actors playing the parts of Cyrus McCormick and his slave Jo Anderson operate a replica of McCormick's reaper of 1831...

Old Timers Day at the Fair

Date: 1938
Description: The Old Timers Club of Milwaukee waves for a motion picture being made at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Madison League of Women Voters

Date: 07 02 1946
Description: United Nations poll, conducted by the League of Women Voters. Image appeared in the Capital Times newspaper.

Man Sitting in a Field Near a Camera

Date: 10 14 1927
Description: A young man is sitting on a stack of hay or grain in a field near a movie camera on a tripod.

Men Filming a Farmall Tractor at Work

Date: 07 12 1922
Description: A man is operating a Farmall tractor and grain drill in a field. One man is looking on, and another man is filming the process with a movie camera.

Newsreel Crew Interviewing Senator McCarthy

Date: 08 13 1952
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy being interviewed by a newsreel crew after his victory in the 1952 Republican primary election. McCarthy was celebrating at the ...

4-H Members on TV at Iowa State Fair

Date: 1946
Description: A group of 4-H members standing underneath lights to be filmed for television at the Iowa State Fair, while a woman nearby is playing the piano.

Boy Scouts

Date: 1946
Description: Three young men in uniform, most likely boy scouts, standing with a model airplane. The men are being filmed for television at the Iowa State Fair.

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