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Kids Drinking Milk in School

Date: 1921
Description: Classroom full of school children drinking milk at Washington school.

Horlick's Malted Milk Factory

Date: 1914
Description: Horlick's Malted Milk Factory.

Gridley Dairy Milk Wagon

Description: A man holding a bottle of milk is standing and posing next to a horse-drawn Gridley Dairy milk wagon. Two other men are standing on the left near a brick b...

Dairy Cooperative Supports Packinghouse Workers Strike

Date: March 22 1948
Description: A driver for Dairy Distributors, Inc. cooperative of Watertown, Wisconsin delivering milk to strikers' soup kitchen.

"Several dairies have volunteered to...


John Royal's Office Door

Description: View outside John Royal's office door. There are milk bottles and newspapers piled at the door and on it hangs a sign that reads "Out As Usual".

Waiting For Pure Fresh Milk

Date: 1889
Description: Stereograph of a posed scene showing a woman milking a cow as two other women stand waiting at an open barn door. On the left a man at a hand-pump is behin...

Men Delivering Milk to Creamery

Date: 1922
Description: Two men deliver milk in cans to a creamery from the back of a milk truck.

Milk — The Best Bargain

Date: 1963
Description: Milton C. Geuther, Illinois American Dairy Association Manager, holding a glass of milk in one hand and a bag of cow manure in the other. Geuther claimed t...

Milk Dispenser

Date: 1955
Description: Mr. Robot, a coin operated milk vending machine promoted by the Wisconsin Dairy Caravan, dispenses milk into a paper cup.

Irish Milk Boy

Description: A young boy drives a donkey-powered cart with a large milk can as cargo in Fermoy, Ireland.

Dutch Milk Wagon

Description: A milkman pauses to dispense milk from the tap of a large milk can on his dog-powered delivery cart in Rotterdam, Holland.

Young Boy Drinking Glass of Milk

Date: 1919
Description: Young boy sitting outdoors on a chair drinking a glass of milk.

Farmer Pouring Milk for Son

Date: March 1924
Description: Farmer Hal Ament pouring milk from a pail into a glass for his young son as they stand at the gate of their farmhouse.

Farmers in Field with Dairy Cattle

Date: 1924
Description: Three farmers standing in field among a herd of dairy cows (Holsteins).

Rennebohm Farm Buildings

Date: June 30 1944
Description: Rennebohm dairy farm buildings, showing house in foreground and barn and silos in background, framed by large tree, located 5 miles from the capitol on Hig...

Rennebohm Farm

Date: June 30 1944
Description: Rennebohm Farm buildings, with house in foreground and barn and silos in background, located five miles from the Capitol, 3787 Highway 151 between Madison...

McCoy's Ice Cream Shop

Date: February 22 1938
Description: Two clerks and a customer in McCoy's Ice Cream Shop, 507 State Street, with Oscar Mayer Coolerator food display case.

Madison Consumers Co-Operative Dairy

Date: May 05 1937
Description: Seven milkmen standing beside dairy delivery trucks — all Internationals — parked in front of Madison Consumers Co-operative Dairy, 102 S. Dickinson Street...

Kennedy Mansfield Milkmen

Date: March 07 1936
Description: Group portrait of Kennedy Mansfield milk men in uniform carrying milk bottles. They are standing in front of a horse-drawn milk wagon and the Kennedy Mansf...

Manor Dairy Truck

Date: December 27 1934
Description: Manor Dairy truck and uniformed driver with milk in front of the dairy office in Kennedy Manor apartment building, 1 Langdon Street.

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