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Milk Strike

Date: 01 10 1934
Description: Milk strikers and a pile of empty milk cans next to railroad tracks. Bill Nemeth (left) is pouring out milk in an attempt to create a shortage that would r...

Delivering Milk by Wagon

Date: 1915
Description: Farmers delivering their milk in wagons to a dairy plant on Black Creek Road near Appleton. The advent of automobiles would vastly improve farmers ability ...

Methylene Blue Milk Test

Date: 1928
Description: Dairyman conducting Methylene blue test on a can of milk. Notice in background reads: "For all milk which passes the quality requirements of this factory, ...

Dairy Exterior

Description: Exterior view of a dairy. Two cars and a horse-drawn wagon loaded with milk cans are parked in front of building.

Gridley Dairy Milk Wagon

Description: A man holding a bottle of milk is standing and posing next to a horse-drawn Gridley Dairy milk wagon. Two other men are standing on the left near a brick b...

Milkman Making Delivery from International Model M-2 Milk Truck

Date: 12 12 1933
Description: Milkman delivering a bottle of milk to a woman at her residential home. Parked in the foreground along a curb is an International Model M-2 milk truck owne...

Milkman Exiting International Model M-2 Milk Truck

Date: 1933
Description: Milkman delivering bottles of milk and other dairy products to a residential home from an International Model M-2 milk truck. The truck was owned by Pevely...

Milk Dispenser

Date: 1955
Description: Mr. Robot, a coin operated milk vending machine promoted by the Wisconsin Dairy Caravan, dispenses milk into a paper cup.

Irish Milk Boy

Description: A young boy drives a donkey-powered cart with a large milk can as cargo in Fermoy, Ireland.

Dutch Milk Wagon

Description: A milkman pauses to dispense milk from the tap of a large milk can on his dog-powered delivery cart in Rotterdam, Holland.

Forest Milk Company Truck

Date: 08 06 1945
Description: Forest Milk Company truck and trailer, showing rear and right side.

Kennedy Mansfield Milkmen

Date: 03 07 1936
Description: Group portrait of Kennedy Mansfield milk men in uniform carrying milk bottles. They are standing in front of a horse-drawn milk wagon and the Kennedy Mansf...

Meadow Bloom Co-op Dairy

Date: 01 04 1934
Description: Six delivery trucks parked in front of Meadow Bloom Co-op Dairy, Co. Hwy. T, 1.5 miles from the end of Milwaukee Street. Established for the sole purpose o...

Cathryn Haight Milking Cow

Date: 05 12 1933
Description: Cathryn (Mrs. Ben) Haight sitting on a stool milking a cow by hand on the Capitol View Farm, 5380 Lacy Road.

Bowman Dairy Truck

Date: 09 14 1932
Description: New "stand-drive" Bowman dairy truck.

Pet Milk Truck

Date: 10 21 1931
Description: A man is standing outdoors next to a Pet Milk Company tanker truck. Note on negative enveloper: "Tires gone 52,000 miles."

Toledo Scale

Date: 05 20 1928
Description: Two men weighing milk cans on Toledo scales at the Pet Milk Company.

International L-120 Truck Loaded with Milk Cans

Date: 1950
Description: View towards a man driving an International L-120 truck loaded with milk cans. He is talking with another man who is standing in a doorway. Two silos are i...

International A-140 Metro Milk Truck

Date: 1961
Description: Milkman making a delivery from an International A-140 Metro milk truck. The truck was owned by Whiting's Milk.
Book or Pamphlet

McCormick-Deering Milkers Catalog

Date: 1946
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for McCormick-Deering milkers. Features the silhouette of a man carrying a milker and five black and white insets of cows.

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