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J.S. Timlin Lumber Company

Date: 1958
Description: Aerial photograph showing the J.S. Timlin Lumber Company, 2702 University Avenue, as well as Doctors Park, the Veterans Hospital, and the First Unitarian S...

First Aid at Osborne Works Twine Mill

Date: 1910
Description: A nurse treating the hand of a female worker in what appears to be a doctor's office or nurse's station at International Harvester's Osborne Twine Mill. Th...

Polio Shot Time

Date: 11 15 1955
Description: All seven siblings in the Marnell family lining up for their polio inoculations.

Workers in McCormick Works Doctors' Office

Date: 1930
Description: Workers receiving treatment from of two doctors and a nurse in a medical office or hospital room at International Harvester's McCormick Works. The McCormic...

Man Having Hand X-Rayed

Date: 01 05 1921
Description: A man having his hand x-rayed as another man is looking on from behind a shield. The x-ray machine is most likely part of the medical facilities at one of ...

Physician inside McCormick Works Infirmary

Date: 11 05 1914
Description: Factory doctor sitting in a doctor's office or first aid station at International Harvester's McCormick Works.

Nurse Bandaging Worker's Arm

Date: 10 12 1914
Description: View of a nurse applying a bandage to the arm of a worker at an International Harvester factory (possibly Osborne Works in Auburn, NY).

Doctor's Office

Date: 11 28 1922
Description: Newly constructed doctor's office. Benham was a "company town" created by International Harvester for the workers employed in the mines of its subsidiary, ...

Medical Office at Auburn Works

Date: 1912
Description: Factory worker having his chest examined by a doctor inside a medical office at International Harvester's Auburn Works (formerly known as "Osborne Works")....

Ready Mixed Concrete Truck

Date: 11 10 1937
Description: Castle & Doyle Rex Moto Mixer truck delivering ready mixed concrete in the alley behind Dean Clinic, 113-115 N. Carroll Street, with five men looking on.

Stacy and Stacy Chiropractic Sign

Date: 12 15 1933
Description: Sign hanging from front porch for Stacy and Stacy Chiropractors, 332 W. Washington Avenue, J. Clifford Stacy and Mary E. Stacy practitioners. The sign read...

Eye Exam

Date: 11 06 1933
Description: Dr. John E. Hughes, optometrist, tests a patient's vision in his office at 112 E. Main Street, using an eyeglass lens machine.

Dr. Hughes and Eye Patient

Date: 11 06 1933
Description: Dr.John E.Hughes, optometrist, in his office at 112 E. Main Street, using eyeglass lens machine to test a woman patient's vision with advertising banners a...

Optometrist's Office

Date: 1906
Description: View of an optometrist's office, with equipment and supplies awaiting a patient.

Dr. Joseph Schneider, Famous Eye Surgeon

Description: Dr. Joseph Schneider performs surgery on the eye of a man laying on a gurney, with assistance from a nun nurse and another man.

Nurse Standing Beside Tray of Instruments

Date: 1919
Description: Nurse standing beside a tray of medical instruments in a medical office at one of International Harvester's factories. The nurse is dressed in a white unif...

X-ray Room

Date: 02 18 1953
Description: X-ray room in the office of Drs. Arthur and Eugene Sullivan, 617 Gay Building, 16 North Carroll Street, showing the bed and the X-ray machine.

Quisling Clinic Tracery Details

Date: 04 07 1974
Description: Exterior view of the Edmund & Ida Hart House (now attached to the Quisling Terrace Apartments) at 412 Wisconsin Avenue featuring window tracery.

Mrs. Lawrence J. McCormick, Christmas Seal Chairman

Date: 11 08 1955
Description: Mrs. Lawrence J. McCormick, former patient at Lake View Sanatorium, looking at her chest x-ray with Dr. John K. Shumate. Mrs. McCormick was chairman of the...

State Tuberculosis Sanatorium Administration Building

Date: 1925
Description: View of the State Tuberculosis Sanatorium administration building.

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