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Oscar Mayer Freight Car

Date: August 04 1931
Description: Oscar Mayer refrigerated railroad freight car with "Oscar Mayer's Meats of Good Taste" advertisement on the side.

Casing Department at Oscar Mayer

Date: October 17 1939
Description: Women working in casing department at the Oscar Mayer & Company meat packing plant, 910 Mayer Avenue.

The Strand Theater

Date: August 11 1927
Description: Elevated view of the Strand Theater located at 16 East Mifflin Street near the corner of Wisconsin Avenue. The marquee reads "Babe Ruth and Anna Q. Nilsson...

Packinghouse Workers Protesting at Armour and Co.

Date: April 20 1948
Description: Packinghouse workers and their CIO supporters protest Armour and Company's "back-to-work" day, April 20, 1948.

"The 'back to work' movement of Armour & C...


Oscar Mayer and Company

Date: 1950
Description: Exterior view looking west at the front of the Oscar Mayer meat processing plant with a sign on the building which reads "Meat serves everybody".


Description: Elevated view of cattle pens at Chicago stockyards.

War Bonds for Victory Truck

Date: March 20 1943
Description: Oscar Mayer Company truck promoting the purchase of war bonds.

Butcher Loading Barrels into International Delivery Truck

Date: December 12 1928
Description: Butcher loading wooden barrels into the back of an International delivery truck parked in front of Emery Collette's butcher shop in Ontario, Canada. A grou...

M.J. Hoven's Meat Market

Date: 1899
Description: Matthew J. Hoven with hands on hips standing in front of M.J. Hoven's Meat Market. A sign on the building reads: "Oyster Depot; Wholesale & Retail". There...

Meat Packing

Date: August 30 1965
Description: Workers are filling orders of ground steak patties by putting them into corrugated boxes layered with parchment divider paper.

Mural — Lake Scene, Sam's Kosher Deli

Date: February 02 1946
Description: Mural of lake scene by A. Dean Swift, on the left wall of Sam's Kosher Deli, 1511 Monroe Street, showing counter with meat and delicatessen products. Owned...

Oscar Mayer Salesmen

Date: November 09 1945
Description: Group portrait of Oscar Mayer Company salesmen in front of the loading dock, 910 Mayer Avenue.

Radio Broadcast Booth at Oscar Mayer

Date: October 16 1945
Description: Four men sitting at a table around WIBA and WIBU radio microphones in the Oscar Mayer broadcast booth.

Taste Test at Oscar Mayer

Date: October 16 1945
Description: Slightly elevated view of men and women sitting around a table, sampling slices of Oscar Mayer meat products in the Oscar Mayer laboratory. A women in a lo...

Test Kitchen and Laboratory

Date: October 16 1945
Description: Slightly elevated view of five women workers in an Oscar Mayer Company test kitchen and laboratory. A low wall is separating two women working at desks on...

Test Kitchen and Laboratory at Oscar Mayer

Date: October 16 1945
Description: Slightly elevated view of five women researchers performing various aspects of food research and related activities in a test kitchen and laboratory at the...

Calvert Sign and Turkeys at Bluteau's Market

Date: November 22 1944
Description: Bluteau's Drive-In Market, 2418 University Avenue, featuring Calvert Liquor sign and fresh turkeys. Sign reads: "Clear heads choose Calvert."

Turkeys in Cooler

Date: December 07 1944
Description: Goeden Company, 635-637 University Avenue walk-in cooler, with many turkeys hanging on racks.

Oscar Mayer and Co. Telephone Operator

Date: January 19 1944
Description: A telephone operator wearing a headset sits in front of a switchboard at the Oscar Mayer Co.

Oscar Mayer Stockyard Employees

Date: February 18 1944
Description: Group portrait of Oscar Mayer stockyard employees, and one man in a business suit, gathered near the Farm Service Studio in the Oscar Mayer plant, 910 Maye...

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